Use Your Words, Sweetcakes!

Ruby Ryder shares man face down on bed getting pegged by woman wearing strap-on

Part Three - Use Your Words, Sweetcakes

I can almost hear the gears inside your head turning, which is pretty typical. Your mind is usually quite busy. But now at least your head is filled with the task of fetching and filtering words to present to me, so that I will do more than lay atop you with my toy in your ass. Now you need to use your words, so that I will actually fuck you.

You know better than to wiggle.

I know better than to interrupt your silence.

After a good minute, which doesn't sound like much, but feels like forever when I am longing with every fiber of my being to fuck the captivating ass beneath me, you finally speak. Your voice is slow and measured; deliberate.

"Inside the deepest part of me, the tender part that I don't let anyone see but you, is the unexpectedness of a fierce yearning. The incisiveness and insistent quality of that craving frankly feels dangerous to my tender parts, Ma'am. But I do believe I have teased out a solution to this perplexing problem." You say all that so smoothly!

"Do you, now. Pray tell!" Giggling, I am as sparse with my words as you were verbose. I am loving this.

Words have the ability to seduce me, entrance me, and charm me. A handsome man who possesses a large vocabulary, along with the willingness to use it, can make me wet. Especially when that handsome man is you, naked beneath me, and impaled by my strap-on.

You find one of my hands with yours, and lace your fingers through mine.

"Ma'am...I need you to fuck the shit out of me."

The unexpectedness of your words sends me into immediate and uncontrolled laughter, and you join me, proud of your success. A moment hangs in the balance where we could easily allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the hilarity of the situation. That would put an end to our play, though, and now you are not the only one with a fierce craving. I aim to finish what your captivating ass started...precisely the way I enjoy most.

"Well done, my sweet. Way to use your words!" Then I let my voice slip deeper and softer. I grab your hair and pull your head back just a bit, put my lips next to your ear and speak my words clearly and emphatically.

"Let the fucking...commence!" You moan that high soft sound again as I push into you to the hilt.

The sounds you make when I fuck you are positively intoxicating.

Continued Part Four

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  1. When I am getting pegged it is easier for me to express myself than it is during regular sex……It is almost like a different personality breaks out of my inhibited self……I love to be able moan freely and complement my lover every time her cock strokes my prostate just right and I feel that delicious tingle and I am able to face my beautiful woman with open eyes and open my soul up to her as well as myself. I admit it… her and myself……..I love being submissive to her and I love wearing feminine clothing and I love playing the feminine role. Play acting is FUN. Role reversal is FUN. Seriously intense orgasms are FUN. Confessing all this to my wife/lover is hard but wildly FUN.!!!!!! My face glows red with embarassment but the endorphin rushes are insanely liberating.!!!!!
    Thank You Ruby for opening this door for us. Our marraige has never been better.

  2. I love it when a girl grab my hair and pull my head back. Makes me feel more submissive especially if there is a mirror to watch her pounding my ass.

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