The Shyness of Being Seen

Part Six - The Shyness of Being Seen

Being seen on a deep level is unsettling for you. Now that I've flipped you over, you see my intentions, and I can almost feel you internally letting go, the better to handle what's coming. I sit back on my heels, between your legs, and watch you.

At this point your ass can handle it just fine. That's not the issue, it's the being seen part. On your stomach with your face in a pillow, you can hide. Whatever crazy faces you make while I am ripping those beautiful sounds from you with each thrust, I can't see them. That suits you just fine.

But more importantly, I cannot see your naked vulnerability. You are new to experiencing that level of openness, and consequently not comfortable showing it to the world. But it's not the world in this bedroom. It's just me, your partner who loves you. You tend to forget that. I remind you regularly.

So before I slip back inside your sweet ass, I take you in my arms for a long, soft kiss. The tenderness of it contrasts against the vigorous fucking I've given you so far tonight. I switch gears. You need reassurance.

"You know I love you, right?" I search your eyes.

"I do." You sound somewhat resigned, so I have to check in.

"Is this okay? This position? I know it's not your favorite." This gives you an easy out if you need it.

"No, it's okay. But may I make a request, Ma'am?" Your eyes meet mine, slightly pleading.

"Of course. Always, my sweet." So now I'm curious.

"May I have a blindfold, please?" I smile at your compromise. Nice.

"Absolutely." I fetch one of my scarves hanging over the dresser mirror and return to tie it on. You help, holding it in place while I knot it behind your head.

I kiss you again and ask, "Better?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you." Your tone is filled with gratitude. It's okay that you are only partly ready to be seen in this moment. Your relief is obvious, and as a result, your lips are curved into a smile again.

Now it's down to business.

Your gasp of pleasure rewards me as I gather you in my arms and push back inside.

Certainly I can guarantee, you are no longer thinking about work. You are no longer entrenched in your rigid, masculine persona. No. Right now, you are my bitch, and I will have you. I will have you wide open and howling with pleasure, grasping and pulling me into you for more.

I feel your hands do precisely that. You pull me deep inside you, begging for that extra half inch that sinks into your depths. We are a well-oiled fucking machine at this point and your howling begins anew.

Fuel to the fire, that's what your beautiful howls do. Like they have a direct connection to my clit. Every thrust sends me closer to my peak. I will get there this time! I take your hand and place it on your cock, because I want you to come, too.

The next 30 seconds are a blur, and time slows down. I feel the magic happening inside me. I feel my point of inevitability. Your hand strokes your cock and a part of me marvels at the intense familiarity you have with it; clearly a dance those two parts of you have done many times.

Just as my orgasm begins, you surprise me, and pull the scarf away from your eyes. The vulnerability there astonishes me. So exquisitely open. I lock eyes with you. I'm not going to miss any part of this beautiful moment.

Your come fills the space between us and you roar to the heavens. Some lands on your chin, and I scoop it up with my tongue before diving into a kiss. I wiggle and push against you with the last waves of my pleasure.

And then we are quiet, breathing hard, sticky and happy. Still pulsing with pleasure.

You let me see you!

I'm so proud of you, and so in love with every part of you. Especially the howling, vulnerable part!

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  1. Hi Ruby, i just came across your blog today and I’d like to say thank you, I’ve enjoyed reading it and plan to read more. I’m a fan of being on the receiving side of pegging and for some time now my wife and I have enjoyed pegging. Although I’ve enjoyed it much more than she has. Even though I enjoy it I still feel a little shy about it and don’t like to show just how much I truly enjoy it. I think your blog will help me get over that.

    Again, Thank YOU.


  2. Why is it so hard to be vulnerable? I read your story about the beating and it took my breath away thinking about being whipped and how freeing it would feel to be able to cry. It was an amazing story.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The freeness of being able to cry, yes – I think we all need that. Certainly more men than women (generalization), which is why a good session of impact play can act as a catalyst.

  3. It’s interesting reading this. I’m not super new to pegging, my former partner and I enjoyed quite a bit of it. And now my husband is also getting into it.

    But I have to admit, he’s struggling with how much he likes it. He wants to explore this side of himself (newly admitted he thinks he’s bisexual, I am too so I am nothing but supportive), but now that he’s thinking of potentially receiving he is having a hard time with it. He even cried when he was telling me how uncomfortable his excitement makes him.

    Being the pegging pro I think I am I am having a hard time understanding his POV. I don’t understand how he could be so uncomfortable with enjoying a sensation or even with potentially submitting to a man some day sexually. I suppose I understand the latter more. But I think I’m being not as supportive as I could be.

    This blog post was nice because I think you understand more so than I do, how delicate you need to be when someone is struggling. I adore my husband and would do anything for him. Pegging is definitely something I love, a kink for sure. My enthusiasm when he mentioned he wanted to try could absolutely be a turn off. Maybe I need to slow down.

    For him I think it all comes down to his job, and his persona…reputation. He works in a very rugged, blue collar industry. My husband is extremely dominant and masculine, and he fell face first into the realization that he has a sub side that he really wants to explore. He said the idea of being fucked and held and kissed and all that really turns him on a lot but it scares him.

    I apologize for the dissertation. This was just a great thing for me to read.

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