I Said, That’s Not What I Want

Ruby Ryder shares vibrating butt plug with remote
Ruby Ryder shares vibrating butt plug with remote

"That's not what I want."

My statement was so direct, it could not have been mistaken for anything else. I'd said it quite clearly.

What the hell was he thinking? Asking me to play with his ass...what the fuck? I'm not sure why I phrased it that way, but he seized on it and responded.

"I know that's not what you want, Cynthia, it's what I want." His brown eyes were soft and pleaded with me to reconsider.

Well that pulled me up short. I love my husband. Phil is an amazing guy. Giving, loving, supportive, and considerate. I've always been happy I chose to go through life with him. So I paused and reconsidered.

"Okay. Let me think about it."

"Thanks, babe." He sounded so grateful, so...hopeful. We hugged and held on for a little bit.

Over the next few days, I immersed myself in google research, and discovered more than I anticipated. Much more. Apparently Phil could get as much pleasure from something in his ass as he regularly gave me with my G-spot. Who knew.

The next time we made love, I encouraged my sweet husband to put in the butt plug he bought for himself a couple of months earlier. He didn't use  it around me, but I knew he had it. I suppose I hadn't made that any easier for him. His eyes shone, I swear. That was huge. I wanted to keep this man happy. He'd done so much to keep me happy over the years. I called him Practically Perfect Phil to all our friends and family.

That night, with that silly little plug in his ass, Phil came so hard and held me so tight. Clearly, there was something important here that I really needed to pay attention to; a passion, a fervent desire that I couldn't in all good conscience ignore. He seemed almost embarrassed at the intensity of his orgasm. I was fascinated. I mean, my shy husband was making noises I'd never heard before, even with my best blow jobs!

So the next time I was out doing errands, I stopped by the adult store and picked up a remote controlled vibrating butt plug. Over the next couple of days I familiarized myself with how to operate it. When the time came, I wanted to know exactly what I was doing.

So Friday night arrived, and we dropped the kids off at their monthly weekend with Grandma like usual. My plans were in place and Phil was none the wiser.

Typically, we'd return from dropping off the kids and be so excited to have the house to ourselves that we'd tumble into bed and be all over each other. We'd forget about dinner until hunger drove us from the bedroom. The weekend would continue in a similar manner. Basically we would play, talk, fuck, eat once in a while and wear few clothes. I swear those weekends saved our marriage. We learned to treat them as sacred. They were our chance to reconnect every month, amidst all the challenges of life.

Consequently that Friday night, Phil had no reason to think that we'd do anything apart from the usual.  After all, the usual was pretty damn good. Perhaps he may have been hoping for a butt plug repeat, considering recent activities. Oh boy, he was in for a surprise!

We went through the front door, and Phil pulled me by the hand down the hall to the bedroom. When I resisted, he turned to look at me.

"What...?" Impatience tinged his voice.

"Tonight is going to go just a little differently." I grinned at him.

"Oh, is it now?" A smile took over his face and he closed the distance between us. "Just a little?"

I nodded confidently.

"How little?" He sounded amused.

"About an inch and a half." Phil tilted his head and looked at me.

"...Uhhh, I don't get it." 

"You will. Get in there and get naked." He let go of my hand and strode down the hall into the bedroom with alacrity. I was fairly sure he didn't know what I had planned, but I'd given him no reason to believe it ventured out of the territory of sexy times activities. His eagerness remained undampened.

By the time I walked through the door, he was already half naked and I laughed. Eager was an understatement, apparently.

I was still pulling off my clothes and Practically Perfect Phil was already completely naked in front of me.

"Face down on the bed. Legs spread." I said the words matter-of-factly and looked at him expectantly. He got a positive sparkle in his eyes and did exactly as I asked. Admittedly, Phil had a beautiful ass. Now that it was the object of my attentions, I was paying more attention to it.

I was down to my bra and panties. Before removing them I leaned onto the bed and kissed his cheek.

"Close your eyes."

He did as I asked, but complained.

"But I want to see you! I want to see your lovely tits and that ass, Cynthia. Jesus, I want to see that ass!"

"Not for long! Just for right now, I want your eyes closed. Understood?"

"Okay, okay. What are you playing at, you saucy minx?" I laughed at his choice of words.

Now naked, I retrieved the plug from the dresser drawer, along with the bottle of lube, and went to join him on the bed.

"Spread those legs, handsome!"

"Really?" He sounded surprised.

"Yes, really." I giggled. "And while you're at it, reach those hands back and spread your cheeks for me, too."

"....Wow!" That was the only word that came out of his mouth, and then he simply did as I asked.

I had the end of the plug well-lubed and placed just the tip of it against his hole.

"Oh!" A small gasp escaped his lips.

"This is your surprise - and don't you dare open your eyes!" I wanted to keep the remote and the vibrations a secret for now.

"Honey, I'll keep my damn eyes shut for the rest of the night if you keep doing what you are doing!" We both laughed at his declaration.

Slowly but surely, I teased the first part of the plug into Phil's ass. I'd checked the size of the one he already had, and the new one was just a little bit wider, with three round beads of increasing size. The woman at the store said he would probably do fine with it if he took it slow. Consequently, I was in charge of the insertion, so slow was the name of the game.

Phil began pushing back against the plug, which was a sure sign that he wanted it all the way inside. But I continued to tease him with just the tip. Eventually, his gasps gave way to moaning.

Finally I worked the largest bead in, and was rewarded with, "Oh my God!" He let go of his ass cheeks and writhed a bit on the bed.

"That is not my plug!" Phil exclaimed, and I laughed.

"Sure isn't!"

"Oh my God, Cynthia, it feels so good!"

"I'm glad. Because now, you are going to eat my pussy." I palmed the remote. "Open your eyes."

Then I climbed on the bed next to him, spread my legs, pointed to my pussy and said, "Your face, here."

"Gladly, my love!" Phil was kind of wide-eyed at what was happening, with one of the biggest smiles I'd ever seen on his face. In short order his face planted between my legs and he performed his usual magic. Phil was so good at eating my pussy. This time, I noticed him thrusting against the bed with excitement.

"Don't get too carried away, Phil. What I want, is your dick inside me when you come."

He groaned and mumbled, "Understood." His thrusting stopped. After that his pussy eating became hyper-focused, and everything just gelled.

One of my favorite things was to have my first orgasm from Phil's talented lips and tongue. If he timed it right I could have another with his cock inside immediately afterwards. I had a feeling that might happen tonight. Meanwhile, I still held my ace - the remote. The thought of it, and the plug in Phil's ass, was so erotic that my first orgasm came sooner than usual.

I rode the waves of it, moaning with my pleasure, and then Phil was climbing on top of me and pushing his cock inside my still throbbing pussy. I loved that sensation! He rode me hard and fast as soon as he was inside me. I knew he was using every ounce of self-control to not come, and that thrilled me even more. He was trying to give me that second orgasm.

That felt like the right moment. So I held the remote up behind Phil's head and pressed the button to turn it on. Then I was one small push away from sending those vibrations into Practically Perfect Phil's happy ass.

"Hon?" I said the word right in his ear and he slowed his strokes.

"Yeah?" His voice was rough with passion, and it sounded hard for him to make room for even that one word.

"Do you know how much I love you?" My question took him by surprise. I could tell, because he stopped moving, pulled back and looked at me.

"I do, Cynthia. Truly, I do." He pushed deep into me, groaned, and searched my eyes.

"This is how much I love you," I said simply and then hit the button. It took Phil a few seconds to figure out what was going on.

"Ohhh! Ohhh!!!"

"And this is what I want!" I fucked back against him hard hard and fast, and pulled his cock into me with my hands on his ass.

Eventually, it was the sound he made that sent me over the edge. Between a growl, a scream and a moan, it was all three, and he was so loud! His orgasm lasted a long time, spasms kept racing through his body as my waves of pleasure were subsiding.

"Hon - please! Turn it off!" He was laughing and still twitching with the vibrations in his ass. So I quick hit the button and we both laughed so hard that I pushed his cock out of me and felt the deliciousness of his warm come flowing out of my pussy. 

"Holy fuck, Cynthia. You really do love me!" The words came out between his laughter. Then he quieted and seemed struck with inspiration. Certainly, the sparkle was back in his eyes. 

"And this is how much I love you... and this is what I want." He scooted down and pushed my legs apart, dove gently back into my freshly fucked pussy and proceeded to slowly and thoroughly clean me up, licking up all of our combined come, being careful with my sensitive clit.

Wow! This was new territory for Phil, just like the butt play was new territory for me. This felt like the start of a new sexual phase, something special had just happened between us. He finished his clean up efforts, gave my pussy one last kiss and and came up to lie next to me. Then he took me into his arms and kissed me with come still on his lips and face. So fucking hot.

Practically Perfect Phil nestled himself into my arms, his sticky face against my breasts, and I wrapped myself around him. After a while, I smiled to myself.

So...It was only Friday night.

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