Two Weeks of Fond Memories

Part Five - Two Weeks of Fond Memories

Oh, Lordy, while we are on that subject, I have never met a man who enjoys being fucked as much as you do!

We moved in together after we'd been dating for about a year. I decided to test your mettle. Did you have the stamina for as much fucking as I sometimes craved? We would find out. Without announcing my intentions, I fucked you every single day for two weeks! The results were extraordinary.

You got kind of doe-eyed with me. That was the most surprising change. You softened. At the same time, you seemed to have more motivation for tackling the heavy duty tasks around the house. You dove into jobs that left you filthy and exhausted. You'd clean off all the dirt, and I'd grab you right out of the shower, throw you on the bed and fuck you. There was a delightful balance with all that.

You never said no! That amazed me.

Early on in our relationship I made it clear that your ass was your ass, and you could always say no, for any reason. While you allow me the privilege of using your ass as I please, I want a willing partner. So during that test of two weeks, I really expected you to tap out at some point. Yeah, that didn't happen.

You told me months later that those two weeks made you feel quite special. You never felt so desired in a relationship, and it was a very heady sensation. Every day I was giving you so much attention, and so much pleasure. Since I didn't make my intentions known, the first few days you had an air of hopefulness. After your fucking continued, the hopefulness turned into surprise, kind of like, really, again? And then you slipped into the doe-eyed adoring demeanor, which I found so fucking adorable.

Sometimes I tied you up and enjoyed your helplessness. Sometimes I spanked you first. Other times I gave you jobs to do while I fucked you, like play with my nipples, kiss me, or play with your cock. Those two weeks were such fun! They confirmed our compatibility in my mind. I enjoy pushing limits, and I thought getting your ass fucked every day might do that. While I may have taken you places you'd never been, you went there for me, and with me. Every day. For two weeks!

So who tapped out? Me! Not because of the fitness angle, though I did cheat just a bit in that regard, making you ride me a few times. No, I tapped out because as much as I loved getting off by grinding against the toys I was fucking you with, my bits got sore. What a delicious reason to finally call a halt to your daily fucking experiment. We cannot continue using the sexy parts because the sexy parts are sore from so much use! Any way you look at that, it's a win.

Fleeting memories from those two weeks add fuel to my foray between your cheeks, and then I'm pulled back to the moment.

I withdraw abruptly, eliciting a small whimper, and turn you over onto your back. I want to see you come, not just hear you. You are a little shy in this position. So open, vulnerable, and seen. That's what I want tonight. I want to see you.

Conclusion in Part Six

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