Podcast #279 – Challenges for the Old Folks!

  • She's puzzled and dismayed by the difficulties of searching for a partner at 65
  • My thoughts about the challenges older men face with intimacy and age-related ED
  • His thoughts about being a good bottom, and trying to be authentic as a submissive man in the middle east
  • He's arrived, after waiting too long, and puts his feelings into words
  • My podcasts are like a window to his soul; reassuring him he is just fine, and not alone



4 Responses

  1. When you said: “bend him whenever i want” ??? but really i like it if she take charge ?. I said before i don’t feel alot of physical pleasure from pegging (maybe alittle bit in some certain ways) but mainly i like it because i love watching females dominating sexually. I just love them in charge.

  2. This touched on so many things close to home for me.

    It doesn’t have to be age related. For some of us, things stopped working the way expected back in our early 20s! The problems for us guys who have lived like this in finding someone: gender expectations, gender roles, gender performance, creativity, etc. Your podcast talks about the alternative ways to have sex (thank you btw! …. including pegging, but so much to stimulate and in so many wonderful ways), but, the expectation to still have a functioning male part (which in some of our cases no pill will fix) is quite sad. As I have been told in so many ways: “there is nothing like the throbbing warmth of a guy’s member to let me know how much he desires me”. Makes it not so surprising that offers of the man using a strapon with the woman are met with cricket sounds.

    In terms of how to find? I don’t know. Mainstream dating, and also those purporting to be related to our favourite topic, are all geared toward the standard biases for gender performance and expectation…. making something purely alternative in terms of pleasuring someone and being pleased quite hard to achieve. There is even a very recurring theme of a guy who is into alternative pleasuring with sex must also be subservient: “I am a domme and you will do what I say”…. The mainstream re-enforces the very things you are trying to avoid in finding someone.

    What really needs to exist is a simple way for those who do not meet the norms imposed on us to find each other…. the mainstream (and so called fringe dating along side of it) certainly aren’t it.

    1. Thanks for sharing this – the subject of ED needs more air time, more acceptance as a different kind of normal, and more acceptance of MANY other sexytimes activities that have nothing to do with PIV! I am all for stopping the default to PIV. There are so many other ways to explore!

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