Podcast #278 – On Being a Good Bottom

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Givers! I would love to hear from you - In your pegging world, what makes a good bottom? Of course it's very individual for each giver and each couple. So tell me, what does your receiver do/not do to make your pegging experience most enjoyable? In this episode I talk about what I like, as well as some generalities that might be true for most givers (but not all!). Help me add to this list, or just tell me your stories!

Good Bottom Characteristics

  • Responsiveness
  • Communication
  • Ability to relax
  • Eagerness/enthusiasm to get fucked
  • Expressions of dominance/submission
  • Panties/garters/stockings
  • Role play of your preference
  • Care/cleaning of equipment before/after
  • Cleaning out for a hopefully poo-free pegging
  • Ability to allow vulnerability
  • Willingness to communicate
  • Making sounds/dirty talk
  • Knowing how your body responds through experience/self-play
  • Willingness to take a bigger toy - for me
  • Be respectful/helpful of energy levels of the giver!

Other News

  • Thanks to patrons and donors!
  • Phone number fully functional - goodbye Skype!
  • Would love to hear experiences of submissive givers

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6 Responses

  1. Responsiveness
    Ability to relax
    Expressions of dominance/submission
    Care and cleaning ( most important)
    Ability to allow vulnerability
    Dirty talk
    Willing to take bigger toy
    Pretty much i agree with your list as a receiver and as a giver i expect my partner to be the same ( at least keeping it clean).
    I only got pegged once by American woman ( tourist) because here in middle east 99% of women aren’t open minded about pegging. When i got pegged first time i was silent most of the time as i was embarrassed ( because of our culture it’s not manly to get fucked and the man must be dominant i know it’s almost in every other culture but ours is so extreme about it. But i want to be myself yes I’m submissive mostly) my first experience was good wish i talked dirty more and her as well i want to feel submissive and communication would help

  2. Hi there Ruby, as a giver and naturally the sub, what I seek in a dominant woman is to be there for her needs. When she comes home at the end of a hard day and is frustrated, for me to cook her a meal, run a bath and then offer myself up to her so as to help her forget and make it all go away.

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