Into Your Mailbox Falls Podcast #284


Into your mailbox and straight to your ears?

Are you one of those people who gets your notification that a podcast was delivered into your mailbox, and you immediately queue it up? Or do you save them to savor later? Either way...enjoy!

For Your Listening Pleasure

  • The clips/gifs/photos I send to patrons offer him an interesting opportunity
  • He waxes poetic about their new love of 'leather strappage'
  • He shares about age, virility, touch, and aftercare
  • His eloquent story about a session solo pegging play
  • A trans man wonders if my webinar could help him use a strap-on
  • They've pegged, he wants more, she's not doing it, help?
  • He finds reassurance in my website; he's not alone, & he's perfectly okay



More fun things will fall into your mailbox, soon!

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