The Magic of Simple Witnessing

Witnessing of Big Toy Play

What is 'Witnessing'? Let me explain.

A while ago I wrote an article about the stigma of men using big toys.

There are still many women who cannot accept mere male receptive anal play as normal, and make all kinds of incorrect assumptions. I've countered and attempted to dispel all those myths and misconceptions ad nauseum, for the last 13 years.

But even fewer women will accept, much less enjoy, men using big toys. I'm not sure why.

Joy They Can't Share

Most men who engage in big toy play do it solo. I've seen posts from guys asking how they can break it to new partners that they enjoy large anal insertions. Other posts talk about hiding it because these men feel certain that the anal play they enjoy so much would never be accepted by anyone, much less their partners. Then there are the sad posts about partners discovering stashes of big toys and freaking out.

All this creates so much embarrassment and shame around an activity that should, in my not so humble opinion, be celebrated and admired! Some websites have big toys groups where people share their accomplishments, discuss the best toys, and even make videos to share. This helps large toy aficionados feel less alone in their passions.

While some of them really prefer their toy time to be solo, others do want to share.

Maybe they are training with a larger toy that was assigned as homework by their dominant. Perhaps they are an exhibitionist or simply want an attentive person watching while they play. Ideally, a person who admires the size of the toys, recognizes the time and effort put into that achievement, and enjoys watching them tremble and moan with pleasure!

Witnessing is Sharing

If you fit this description, Witnessing can be powerful for you in so many ways. Embarrassment transforms into self-confidence and pride. You might experience some healing from harsh words spoken by people in your past. And shame goes where it belongs, in the trash bin. You can finally enjoy a sort of stage to show off your achievements! You can share with another person the delight you feel in the slow insertion, and insane pleasure it offers. The person witnessing can hear the uncontrolled noises you make during your play. Plus, you can celebrate the conquering of a larger toy with someone who can appreciate it, in real time!

That Person is Me

I now offer Witnessing services. Mainly for big toys, and only for prostate owners. If you would like to experience Witnessing, click here for more information!

No Shame!

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