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Masturbation Month #19

Happy Masturbation Month!! To distract, divert, and dance around…I offer audio erotic short stories for you.One every day, all month long, in celebration of self-pleasuring! He Needed Some Bliss Enjoy! To the Hilt,Ruby

Podcast #258

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #258 Ruby’s News He wants pegging, Betty’s not sure He’s worried about his love of receptive anal He wonders how much women who like pegging enjoy PIV? He seeks breast forms for his cross-dressing He LOVES his Njoy Purewand Andrew raves about the Gangbang content, and gets me to read …

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Podcast #257

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #257 Patron/Donation update Ruby’s coming to London! Incorrect assumptions about his sexual orientation bother him He asks where to find a woman to explore pegging with? He’s having problems with insertion over a couple of inches He shares about Military Suicides and Men’s Mental Health His story about being a …

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Podcast #245

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #245 He seeks a toy for deep throat practice! He raises concern about Pure ingredients He wonders if pegging causes increased PSA levels? He seeks a strapless for missionary and doggie positions He shares his story and seeks a specific dildo She REALLY likes the Sliquid, and so does her …

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Podcast #240 Ruby’s Coming Out

Podcast #240 – Ruby’s Coming Out Facts About SESTA/FOSTA What Inspired Ruby What she did with that inspiration Yes, it’s true Decriminalization vs Swedish/Nordic Model Become and Ally! Articles and Information “SESTA/FOSTA is turning the web into a G-rated minefield. Here’s how to destroy it.” By Daniel Villarreal for LGBTQ Nation Remaking Manhood – Mark …

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Yes, I am a Sex Worker

International Whores’ Day 2019 A View into My World… I check my mail, look at my calendar and think about tomorrow’s appointment. He’s a sweet client who I’ve established a close connection with since he first came to see me almost 2 years ago. His last email said he was looking forward to feeling my …

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Podcast #236

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #236 Pegging Celebration Time They are each other’s firsts in everything, now including pegging! He wonders, vibrating dildo or non-vibrating? He shares why he has regrets about refusing pegging in 2012 His GF won’t allow him to watch porn, and includes Pegging Paradise He finally got pegged properly by a …

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About Censorship

As a sex educator, I feel a constant dichotomy. Sure, it feels great to be out with my sexual desires. I enjoy a freedom of expression that too few allow themselves. Most people walk around in this world so constrained by the ‘shoulds’. Their beautiful and unique parts get hidden away for fear of what …

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Podcast #217

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #217 ❤ Patron/Donation update ❤ He offers advice/observations about pegging to other receivers ❤ Pegging Celebration Time ❤ He finds the courage to tell her about prostate massages and then asks for pegging! ❤ He checks back in about using a sleeve (sheath) with his double! ❤ She’s intimidated by …

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Podcast #216

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #216 ❤ Patron/Donation update ❤ He wants domination, and feels she’s not understanding what he wants ❤ She found a partner to peg and needs information! ❤ He shares his experience between a toy and a real penis ❤ He shares another advantage to the B-Vibe Snug plug! ❤ He …

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