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Podcast #242

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #242 Patron and donation update Upcoming Webinars! Where Can I Find a Woman to Peg Me?” Webinar now available! He wants to but she has concerns Reflections on – Do Women Enjoy Pegging? He wonders if 20 is too young to explore pegging? She has questions about women, dominance and …

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Podcast #237 Part 1

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #237 Part 1 Patron/Donor Update Ruby’s Personal Journey New Position for short giver/tall receiver Pegging Celebration Time! She really didn’t enjoy their first time, advice? Her health, low libido & misconceptions are frustrating him He fears being judged at the pegging munch #NoShame They are off down the path of …

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Podcast #227

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #227 ❤ ‘Movember’ Help me reach my goal! ❤ Reddit Outing stories ❤ They wonder about doubles with a Minx ❤ Another glowing review of Pure for Men ❤ He seeks more and kinkier sex from his wife ❤ She wonders how to know when pegging session should end? ❤ …

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Podcast #188

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #188 ❤ Dedication to those who didn’t contribute to the Bisexual Podcast ❤ Patreon Update ❤ He recommends the Lelo Hex to cover big toys ❤ Comments on #186 ❤ More thoughts about Shame and Societal conditioning of Men ❤ He offers information re Vagus nerve implants ❤ She’s looking …

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Podcast #186

strapons.tumblr.com Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #186 ❤ Lucky Pierre!! ❤ He bought a cheaper butt plug – is it safe? ❤ A size king upgrades and has  a few questions… ❤ He shares a bit about crossdressing and pegging ❤ The engineer has a story about Janet’s closet ❤ He’s making up for lost …

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Podcast #174

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #174 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ Kinkly Reader’s Choice Award!! ❤ Women/Giver stories needed for #175! ❤ Young, kinky, grew up on porn and can’t get hard. Help? ❤ He’s got a secret stash of toys and really wants his wife to peg him. Help? ❤ He’s from down under and …

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Just about every day, as the awareness of and interest in pegging sweeps around the world, I receive a question from someone full of concerns, questions, fears and most of all, misconceptions. The same themes present over and over again. While these themes can each be explored in depth, here are the short answers…. For …

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Podcast #113

Pegging Paradise Podcast #113 ❤ Couple listens to podcast #112 – it goes well. ❤ His journey from preparation to fear of disclosure to telling her – it goes well. (And podcast #112 played a part here, too.) ❤ More lube shooter information from a hopeful peggee. ❤ Brazilian Gal writes in and tells of …

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Found Some Shaming

How ironic. I just returned from CatalystCon West 2015. I attended a session about shame:”The Shame Virus: Honest Talk About Protecting Yourself and Your Clients, Students and Peers”. The session was presented by the incredibly talented duo of Amy Jo Goddard and Marcia Baczynski. It woke me up a bit. I’ve been talking a lot …

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Podcast #110 Part 2

Pegging Paradise Podcast #110 Part 2 ❤ Interview with Mark! Part 2 And yes, the panties above have a lovely pouch in the front for you guys! Here’s the link… Linkorama Brené Brown – Listening to Shame Brené Brown – The Power of Vulnerability Sissy Pouch Panties on Amazon! Labor Day Weekend Sale at EnticeMe.com  

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