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Meet My Asshole

I’ve noticed…during my extensive travels around the sex-positive places of the internet, the following phenomenon. A fair number of single men who are into pegging (or desire to explore pegging) will post extremely explicit pictures of their asses, cheeks spread, with or without a toy inserted. Kind of like a ‘meet my asshole’ pic. This …

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Podcast #233

  Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #233 ❤ APA says Traditional Masculinity is Harmful to Boys ❤ I am sexualized (that’s different /sarcasm) ❤ The piece I wrote about sexualizing people ❤ Enzo waxes poetic about Pegging ❤ Ubu describes how she gets him to leave this planet! ❤ After my class she & new …

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Day 25 – A Different Moment

I pull my ’71 Impala Sport Coupe into a parking spot some distance from the door. Serena is used to it. This car is my pride and joy; completely restored. I always park far away from other cars. We’re on another adventure  to get sex toys. These adventures are a requirement with Serena. When I …

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Day 2 – Panties Day

He so rarely allowed himself this pleasure. Because it was rare, it still felt novel, and special. The smooth fabric caressed his cock and balls with every step he took down the hallway of the courthouse. He wasn’t on duty today. Just had to show up in court for a few tickets he’d written; a …

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Podcast #193

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #193 ❤ Patreon ❤ Sex toy popularity by state has some surprises! ❤ He’s interested in pegging, but is afraid of the pain/safety ❤ He’s wondering if others share his bisexual pegging fantasy ❤ He asks if pegging is safe for enlarged prostate owners ❤ He’s sad – no sex …

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Podcast #192

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #192 ❤ Patreon ❤ $5 Webinars for Newbie Pegging Classes! ❤ He asks about porn, a dildo that comes, and poppers ❤ He’s looking for info on how to prepare for the first time… ❤ My advice & articles have helped them to explore pegging ❤ He shares his experience …

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Danny has been checking out chastity porn, and Lucia knows. She decides to see if the reality of actually being caged will be as big of a turn on for Danny as his fantasies.
2500 words
chastity, caged, orgasm denial, porn, fantasies, frustration, thrills

Podcast #169

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #169 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ Large/Long Strap-on Insertion Clip ❤ Vagus Nerve Stimulation!! ❤ He asks – look for the pegger first or look for the woman first? ❤ His story of how they came to crossdressing and pegging ❤Pegging Celebration Time ❤His story of their gradual path to pegging ❤ …

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The Dance of Dominance and Pegging

  This piece is included in the Kinky Sex Tips Blogfest 2017 !! Click here to see the links to all the other kinky bloggers who have participated, there is sure to be some great writing, great sex tips and all around sexiness. Also – don’t miss this part, there are PRIZES. Yes, I said …

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Day 29 Orgasm 33

What was my masturbation fodder for last night? I once saw a totally hot amateur video clip of a couple. She was a slender woman propped up by pillows in a sitting position, and he was a big guy, laying over her lap. His awesomely large ass was in a perfect position to be spanked. …

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