Day 2 – Panties Day

He so rarely allowed himself this pleasure.

Because it was rare, it still felt novel, and special. The smooth fabric caressed his cock and balls with every step he took down the hallway of the courthouse. He wasn't on duty today. Just had to show up in court for a few tickets he'd written; a perfect opportunity to wear panties under his uniform.

He wanted to wear them every day, all day. That's what he wanted.

But home was not a panty-friendly place. Actually he'd never asked his wife, because he knew her well enough to know she was very invested in him being a manly man, in what society and religion said was proper. Things would never be the same between them if he told her about his panties. So he didn't.

On duty was not the place to indulge, either. Heaven forbid if he got shot and taken to the hospital...yeah, no. Loss of status, endless teasing, ostracized. Society's rules were cruel. The bro code sucked. Much as he would have liked to have a pair of panties on to soften the oftentimes brutal experience of being a cop.

So it stayed his secret. Hidden away in a place his wife would never look; his locked gun box. The juxtaposition of guns and panties was not lost on him; it made him smile.

Not as big of a smile as actually wearing his silky pink panties with the tiny black bow on the front of them, though. He hoped that he just appeared to be having a really good day to anyone who wondered why this officer walking into court was grinning quite so wide.

Court passed in a blur. His focus was on getting home before his wife, which looked like it was going to happen, thankfully. Her schedule was so reliable, he knew he'd have some time to himself.

Ass squirming deliciously on the drive home, he steered his truck one-handed, slipping just the fingers of his other hand inside to caress the fabric and touch the bow.

Panties allowed a part of him to feel...pretty, and sexy. Sexy in a way that was fetching and alluring, as opposed to aggressive and demanding; a totally different type of sexiness than what was usually expected of him. He craved that type of sexiness, feeling beautiful and pretty, and had no outlet for it. Just these panties...and the other 3 pair in his gun box. And only on court days.

Arriving home, he checked the time. He had plenty. Spreading a towel on the bed, he stripped down to his panties and lay face down. For a while he just thrust against the fabric, reveling in the sensation. Then he flipped over and grabbed his cock against the smooth material. This was such a turn on that he could have come right then and there, but resisted the urge. Instead he slipped those beautiful pink panties off and wrapped them around his swollen cock.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he stroked himself with the silkiness, the pinkness, and the sweet tiny bow, until he couldn't hold back. He came with a roar of pleasure. His cock exploded in thanks for the delightful panty day, the thrill of walking around in the world with a sexy secret, and the subsequent abandon he enjoyed them with. They were now soaked through with his come, slick against his softening cock.

After a few minutes, he got up and took himself, the towel and the panties into the bathroom, locking the door. He used the towel to clean himself off, and he hand washed the panties...lovingly. He tossed them into the dryer for a couple of minutes before putting them back into the gun box. Towel went into the laundry and he was done. With 15 minutes to spare.

That wasn't the way he wanted it to be. That was simply the was it was. He was grateful for the small slices of time he'd manage to eke out of his schedule for panty play. His panties were a part of who he was. And even if he never got to share that part of himself with anyone, he felt absolutely no shame in enjoying the fuck out of those days. He deserved them.

Next time he would wear his lavender thong.


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