Day 3 – The Ache

He never would have believed it, if anyone had told him this is how it would be.

Sure, lots of songs talked about heartache, and aching for your partner. He'd heard them. Hell, he'd sung along with them, driving home from work.

None of those songs, however, had ever mentioned that ache being centered...elsewhere. He was embarrassed to even put it into words in his head, much less put those words in a text to her.

Hey babe. Missing you today. Aching for you....aching for you to be inside me again. Didn't expect this...

Before he lost his courage he clicked send, and immediately made a noise. An inarticulate noise that spoke of how deeply he hoped that he hadn't said the wrong thing, and how scary clicking send had been. Exposing and scary honest.  His cheeks burned before she even answered, just from the admission. What the fuck had happened to him!?

The phone buzzed in his hand.

Hello handsome! Missing you, too, sweetheart.

She considered what to say next. Last time they'd gotten together, she'd introduced him to her strap-on skills and rocked his world. When she left the next morning, his body still occasionally quivered with pleasure. He'd been twitching all night. Long after she stopped fucking him. Long after she'd gently cleaned him up and held him against her chest to reassure him that his world, though rocked, would still hold together.

He tried to express his appreciation and astonishment after she fucked him, but the words wouldn't come. She shushed him and held him while he fell asleep, twitching.

What didn't you expect? That your ass would crave it?

She smiled widely as she typed the words.

Well, there it was, he thought. She'd named it. Nothing to be done about it now but admit it. All of it.

Well, yes! I have craved you before with my cock, my hands, my eyes, my mind and my heart. But never with my ASS! What did you do to me, you magical vixen?

She laughed with delight, causing her co-workers to glance over at her for a moment. In her head she did a fist pump of victory.

Your ass is mine now. Hope you know that.

She was pushing it with that message. They'd never talked about playing with power exchange, but this seemed like the perfect moment to test the waters. There was a pause while he seemed to consider it from the other end of the connection, and she wondered if he'd balk.

So masculine, this one. Needed 3 beers in him to allow her to play with his ass for the first time. Another 4 beers the following week when she brought over her strap-on to fuck him. Though it couldn't have been easy for him emotionally and mentally, he took it like he'd been bottoming his whole life! Moaned so loudly, clearly experienced so much pleasure that it probably scared him. And now...his ass ached for her! She giggled.

Her phone buzzed.

Ummm...okay.  All yours, beautiful. When can I see you again?

He tried to sound casual, but danced with excitement in his office at the thrill of her words. His secretary looked up briefly and gave him a tight smile through the glass walls.

His strap-on wielding woman checked the time and considered her response.

I'll be at your house at 6. Be clean and lubed up when I arrive. We can have Thai food delivered later, K?

Oh, God. The clock said 4:30. He grabbed his jacket and walked out of his office.


"Debbie? Cancel my 5 o'clock, please." He didn't even pause for her to answer, heading down the hall to the elevators.

"Yes Sir, Mr. Walker."

He took the subway and arrived at his apartment at 5:15. He took a shower, washing off the stress of the day and carefully cleaning his ass for her. She'd taught him how to clean, but this was the first time he'd done it sober.

He reflected on that situation and poured himself a generous whiskey. A couple of swallows warmed him on the inside and took the edge off.

Now for the lube. He spread a blanket on the bed and laid on his side, reaching behind him and circling his ass, marveling how good it felt. He inserted one finger and then another. Damn, this was nice!

The clock said 5:55, so he just played with his ass for a while. She was always so punctual. If she said 6 it would be 6.

Sure enough, he heard the key turning in the lock right at 6, heard her come in, set her things down on the kitchen counter and call for him.

"Hey handsome! Where are you?"

"In here!" He yelled from the bedroom.

She walked in, and took off her coat, throwing it down carelessly. Next to come off was her skirt, and he got the surprise of his life.

She was wearing her strap-on! The pink cock waved at him as she walked over to the bed. He just laid there and stared at it, completely speechless.

She walked up, grabbed up the bottle of lube next to him, and slathered it generously on the pink cock.

"Well? Turn over!" Her tone was expectant, assuming. He loved it!

The feel of her cock sliding ever so slowly, too slowly if he was honest, into his ass, he loved even more.

This was what he'd been wanting and waiting for ever since she left his apartment that morning 3 days ago. He felt full and stretched. He swooned.



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