Nov 20 2011

I’m Truly Honored…

...To have been chosen ...!



By Rori at her very fine blog "Between the Sheets".

I follow my passion and write about what I love, what makes me happy, what makes me think and also things that I hope will make you think. I'm thrilled that so many of you follow my blog, love my stories and eagerly subscribe to my latest post on a regular basis.


A huge thank you to Rori, who takes the time to read so many blogs, sort through them all and still keep up with her own!


Another huge thank you to all my readers. Without you, this would just be a collection of words on a screen. With you, it is transformed alternately into an educational venue, a source of arousal and titillation, a forum for political opinions (occasionally) and a community to share our love of pegging. That is quite a gift. Thank you!


Ruby Ryder


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  1. Congrats Ruby – you work so hard and deliver so much passion – thank you – and congrats.

  2. Thanks, ryder – you provide a lot of inspiration, you know.

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