Apr 01 2013

Podcast #42

Aneros Helix Syn

Aneros Helix Syn

Pegging Paradise Podcast #42

❤ Her dilemma: His ex pegged him - she wants to as well, but after an initially good start things have fizzled. What's a girl to do? (Happy ending!)

❤ He's young and already well-versed in the joys of pegging. He's kind enough to describe them for us...and send me pictures. (No you don't get to see them. April Fools.)

❤ He's a pegging newbie and eager to explore. Problem is that both he and his girlfriend are more submissive than dominant and he wants her to learn pegging and be more dominant.

❤ His ex broke up with him because he was enjoying pegging too much. 🙁 He's looking for a new partner without much success. Help?

❤ He found the perfect anal toy and with my lube recommendation is one happy man. Then he pushes my intergrity/honesty buttons and I can't help but respond. 🙂

❤ Happy chocolates, bunnies, chocolate bunnies, colored eggs and bizarre disgusting tasting marshmallow baby chickens holiday!

❤ Send chocolates, please. Bunnies are okay.



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Aneros Helix Syn


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  1. I hope you have some space at your new place for a play room/ BDSM chamber!

    When you mentioned all those chocolate goodies I immediately thought of the little penises and asses made out of marzipan I once saw in a cake shop in Amsterdam. Do you have those in the US?

    1. I have not seen them personally – but did post this picture a while back…makes me want to start a bakery!

      1. I like those! Maybe you should offer some at your classes in the future.

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