Aug 24 2013

Credit Where Due

So, Zach's stories? I made sure he saw your comments and here was his response:

Thanks for sending the reviews of my stories. Its nice to hear people liked the concept. But as far as being "more of a writer then I know", I give you all the credit for that, seeing as how all I did is sloppily write down what you inspired, then you took it and edited it and gave it the touch that sets it apart and makes it something they love. In short, if they love the story, they love you.

Okay big guy, I'll compromise...they love us.

These stories are a collaboration between Zach and me. He sends me a rough story with a creative concept that always makes me smile, surprises me at some point, makes me hot...and wet. I edit it, add a few touches of my own and post it (and get off fantasizing about it a bunch of times...).

I think we make a good team. But I am kinda biased...

Soldier Boy

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  1. Great work again on the erotic stories to the two of you 🙂

    1. Thanks, SNF! 🙂

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