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Sep 12 2017

Podcast #166

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #166 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ Lucky Pierre correction! ❤ He’s looking for an inflatable plug that stretches the sphincter ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ Take heart – things can change from a boring sex life to pegged in panties! ❤ Cock ring information – he has a bedazzled cock ❤ …

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Jun 29 2016

Happy Birthday to Ruby!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! I turn 59 today. And I have a few things to say. First, I plan to be an amazing 60, so the next year could get a little wild. Just sayin’! Second – here’s my wish list! Or…the best birthday gift ever would be your patronage! Thank you for reading this …

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May 10 2016

Happy Birthday Pegging Paradise!!

Six years ago today, I started this blog. At first it was more of a personal purging of sorts. I had kept my desires hidden and bottled up for so long, that I was bursting at my sexual seams! My erotica was the first thing that I thought of sharing. I’d been writing stories about …

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May 11 2015

Pegging Paradise Turns 5!

Five years ago today, I struggled with the exact right words for my very first blog post here at Pegging Paradise. After waiting so long to bring my passions and erotica out into the open, how could I possibly find the right words that could encompass my excitement, my trepidation, and my happiness? I managed …

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Jun 29 2014

Ruby’s Birthday

Today…is my birthday! My real birthday!  How do I feel about having another birthday? I’m in a different mood this year. I’m in the mood to receive for a change. I give so much. I give advice, offer moral support, answer questions, hold space, share knowledge and calm fears. I fight the good fight for …

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May 10 2013

Pegging Paradise Turns 3!!

  Pegging Paradise turns 3 today and I’m quite happy about that. What started off as a simple yearning to share my pegging erotica with the world has turned into a life I never could have imagined. I am very happy to be here, writing, podcasting, teaching, exploring and sharing my passion with the world. …

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