Just For Starters

You knock on the door of the hotel room.

I have been there for some time...

I open the door just enough for you to see my face. I smile and tell you to close your eyes. Obedient, you comply. I look at your pressed khaki pants and spotless polo shirt...you are badly in need of some kink. I lead you through the door into the room, grateful that no one is in the hallway to get an eyeful of my leather bustier, stockings and obvious fetish-wear 5 inch heels. Oh, and the strap-on dildo would surely have been a dead giveaway that wonderfully nasty things were going to happen in this room this evening.

You don't see any of that, because your eyes are closed as I requested. I take your various packages from you and put them aside. I remove your glasses and place them on the desk before tying a silk scarf around your head as a blindfold.  Pushing you up against the wall, I kiss you hard, demanding your tongue. You tremble as I steal that first kiss from your mouth. Your hands gently explore my ass and waist as we kiss, feeling delicious body-coverings that your mind attempts to translate into a picture. You feel my strap-on push against your hardening cock and you groan. I move away and tell you to strip - everything off! You do so quickly, your eagerness betrayed in the speed with which you are naked in front of me...your clothes scattered in a pile on the floor.

I take your hands and guide you over to where a full-length mirror covers a closet door. I turn you around and push you against it, your body and your hard cock making prints against the cool glass. Grabbing your hands I place them flat against the glass above your head with one word, "Stay." My dildo invades the space between your cheeks as I pull your head back with a handful of hair, kissing your neck as your head falls back against my shoulder.

I run my hands all over your body, caressing and tweaking where and how I please. I can feel you still trembling...with my touch, the excitement of the moment and not knowing what I will do next. Especially when I move away from you and you are left there, naked against the glass, your hands spread above you...your feet spread wide beneath you.

The sting of my crop is unexpected and you gasp. The red spot on your ass cheek is so...pretty. So I decorate your ass with more spots, democratically spreading them equally between both cheeks, delighting in your flinching until I am satisfied with my decorations, with the sting and the heat I know you are feeling. Oh...but deep between your cheeks my finger now slides, teasing your ass with promise. A promise too-quickly fulfilled as I follow the teasing touch with a well-lubed finger and sink it to the hilt in your ass. You were not expecting that...not that fast. You start to moan.

I love the sounds you make when I play with you. There is a helpless, tortured quality that attempts to belie your enjoyment of my attentions. Your rigid cock tells me all I need to know. I press you against the mirror just from the pressure of my finger in the depths of your ass. Lovely cock-head prints appear on the glass, distracting me for a moment as I pump my finger in and out. Then a second finger joins the first. You whimper a little. I can feel your legs shaking. I'm not giving you much time to adjust...because I really really want to fuck you...now.

You spread your legs more in an effort to open up and let me in. I feel you push back against my fingers and immediately I switch to the dildo swinging between my legs...nestling it against your puckered opening while I lube the rest of it quickly.

Because this is all about recklessly satisfying my desires...I have been waiting for so long for you to arrive...for this day to come...I have played this scene in my mind so many times. I have been patient...until this moment. Now you are my plaything and I will do as I please. I sink into your ass in one smooth movement. You start talking to God, which is always a good sign. I kiss your neck and pinch your nipples hard.

I fuck you like I've dreamed of fucking you for too many days...too many days with my fingers in my wetness...crying out with the heights of passion my fantasies took me to. Now I am here, in the middle of my own fantasy, the one I created just for myself...you an always willing participant. God I love that...you walk in the door and you are mine. Fuck, that is so hot.

I am driving into your ass, skewering you against the mirror, pulling your hips back against me, biting the back of your neck...feeling wild...deliciously wild. Harder, I thrust into you...the noises coming out of you letting me know I found the right spot. I hammer at it, overwhelming you for a moment before I stop and press my body against yours, deep inside you. I feel you breathing hard against me.

Slipping your blindfold off, I pull you back from the mirror so that just your hands are against the glass. Now you are bent over in front of me, legs spread and your lovely ass presented as I start to fuck you again. You blink a few times and take in all the erotic visuals in the mirror. Our eyes lock  and I am enthralled with the openness, the vulnerability and the passion I see there.  The rhythm I find and keep feels raw and instinctive and my hips roll easily and forcefully. That rhythm takes you quickly and intensely over the edge, your moans rhythmic and shamelessly loud.

Come spills out of your cock onto the floor as your face registers shock and surprise at the orgasm racing through your body...your cock never touched. Your body quivers with pleasure as I push into you again.  Wrapping my arms around you, I feel your legs tremble in the aftermath of your climax as you try to catch your breath. I give you a couple more thrusts...just to reaffirm that your ass is mine.

I whisper the words, hot with my breath into your ear..."And that's just for starters."

© Ruby Ryder

5 Responses

  1. My God.

    I read it three times. I love that there was no messing around, you hook me fast and keep me there.

    Oh, this is the most delicious prose in the world!

    Thank you, so so much. I’m so hard. Gosh, I hope it’s okay to tell you that. I don’t want to be too honest, but my heart is pounding in my cheeks right now.

    Such torture! Such ecstasy! I’m doomed forever to the call of a woman’s cock.

    Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Wow! As someone interested in writing, this is great. I really admire good writing, and this is fantastic. I love erotica written by someone with a sharp wit and obvious talent with her words. This is an inspiring story to me, Ruby. I would love to talk sometime and pick your brain about writing. I’m very intrigued 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story.
      My passion is writing. I wish I had time to let you pick my brain and chat. Bills must be paid….

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