Ruby’s Teaching!

Sex educator? Yeah, baby!

I am now teaching classes about pegging (what else?). I taught a class in February for the WCPX (West Coast Power Exchange) in Camarillo, California (thank you, Deb).

March found me teaching a class for the Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado (thanks, Cross and SKALES).

I met so many fascinating people in both Camarillo and Denver. I am awed by the passion with which they pursue their wide variety of kinks and the lack of judgment, no matter the kink. I also immensely enjoyed being able to chat with people openly about this hot and nasty fetish I refreshing. How liberating. If you have a venue and would like to host classes, email me.

I must say, I love teaching! I delight in introducing my passion to others, and am constantly amazed to find how "edgy" pegging is still considered in many circles. I'm serious - the people I teach play with whips, paddles (yum), restraints (oh yeah), needles, fire and wax, among other things...and a little ass play is considered edgy? Awesome.

My goal is to spread the word about the pleasures of pegging. I want to encourage men who are shy about trying it, to just relax and spread em'. You guys who haven't tried it yet...did your ass cheeks just clench when you read that? Yah, I thought

My larger goal is to encourage more women to try pegging...partly because I get off on it so much and like any good porn-watching woman, I want to see more sexy amateur porn videos on the internet of what I like. But also because there is a serious deficiency of women who peg...and a whole lotta guys who are wanting to be pegged! I feel for you guys. Truly, if you are a woman who loves to strap one on and do a can practically write your own ticket. At least in the category of sexually open and exploratory men - and those are so the best kind.

If any of you have any ideas about how to encourage more women to strap one on (other than the obvious teaching classes as much as possible.)...throw them down there in the comment box...I am all ears. I'd like to find a way to even the odds a bit for all you guys who can't wait until the next time (or the first time) you feel her slide her toy deep inside your waiting ass...

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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  1. I can’t believe that I missed your class in Denver! I’ve been reading your site since you started! Please tell me that you’re going to come back again!

  2. toyboy5 – I am indeed going to come back again – just not sure when. I didn’t post the class here on my website (oops) but did post it a number of other places (I’m learning).

    I will be sure to post it next time – I will have an education/teaching area on my website by then. Look forward to meeting you in Denver!

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