Art and Words…

Charles Malinsky


Charles Malinsky - an incredibly talented artist. You can find more of his work here and here.

His thoughtful writings can be found at Cool Whippings.

(...rumor has it he might even write naked)

Thanks for allowing me to post this, Charles!



A few luscious quotes from mail slipped sexily into my box...You readers thrill me sometimes!


"There's few things as sexy as a man moaning when he's getting fucked. Or whimpering is maybe the right word..."


"I find it hard to feel turned on in body if I'm not turned on in mind. And doesn't one of the joys of BDSM lie in its ability to raise the erotic detail to the level of an art-form, to let one dwell on just the curve of a smile... or the light glinting off a gloved hand, or the feel of breath against one's ear as something cold and hard slides unrelentingly deeper..."




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