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And...the winning search terms for the week are:


These two have a common theme...

"convincing her to take it in the ass"

"her ass is so tempting but she doesn't want anal "

I have long been an advocate of giving your ass up to a woman if you really want to convince her to take yours. And make sure the dildo matches the size of your cock...!


"can't maintain erection while receiving anal"

 Listen up gentlemen - This is completely normal!!! Some men get erections. Some men don't. Some men have erections that come and go. ALL NORMAL. And whether you have an erection or still feels heavenly, am I right?


"discerning pornography "

Well yes, and thank you. I do like to think I offer a more discerning type of pornography...stories with character development and big that are neither lurid or gross...and blog posts that make you think, wonder and squirm.

Via NewRyder's Strapon Log - Fen & Stef, shot by Frances Lane

I love the bottle of lube between her woman!


Hope you are all enjoying your weekend...perhaps in a style similar to this.

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder



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