I Want One, I Want One

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We head out on the town for a light dinner and some drinks. Appetizers and a glass of wine satisfy us both. Neither of us are hungry; what we will be doing later distracts us from everything else. This is our night for erotic explorations, indulging in our favorite ways of pleasing each other. But you don't know what is under my skirt. Or what my plans are. You don't even notice when you kiss me and run your hands over my ass as we lean against the car in the parking lot.

I take you to a park and we lay on a blanket in the cool of the moonless summer night, finding a spot where privacy is not guaranteed, but likely at this hour. The dildo is hidden in my purse along with the lube. I pull your jeans down just far enough to play with your ass. You can't believe my fingers are inside you...here in the park. You stifle your moans just in case anyone might be walking by. The last thing you expect is that I will actually fuck you here. But your face in the blanket does not see the dildo, quickly retrieved and inserted. Just a brief pause in your reality. Then the tip is nudging against your ass and you realize what's happening.

"Oh My God, Honey!"

I laugh soft and low as I slide into your ass. Then I pull my long skirt over us as I lay on top of you. Anyone looking would have no idea...that I am fucking you slowly and deeply in the darkness, teasing you until you spill your hot passion on the blanket beneath you. We're a hot sticky mess on a warm summer night...spontaneity.


©Ruby Ryder


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