Day #29 Orgasm #31

Here I am again. Coaxing the keys, sweet-talking the words. Writing for you. And for me, too. Especially this last month.

At this juncture I like to thank...

Thanks for all the amazing, classy, gorgeous black and white photos this merry month of May. I urge to readers to go there and take a gander at the offerings. As I told a friend, "Don't go there unless you have a significant amount of alone time, though...."

A note: If you share photos on the internet please always include your source so one can track it back to the original. These models and photographers deserve credit... that is the one thing I would like to see Paris Cowboy do...list sources!! Alas - no way to contact them/him/her on the blog.


Last night...

I was pretty damn happy with my writing. There were direct connections between my imagination, my brain and the keyboard.

I do tell personal stories sometimes. Keeps Ruby real. Because I am, you know. I have my bad days and good days and hopes and dreams just like the rest of you. Some of you have been with me for a while and know I've had my challenges. Through it all, though, Ruby's motto is...

It all works in and out, in the end.

So let's try this again. Last night...

I took a  shower just before bed. I love getting in bed clean. Preferable with a clean male body next to mine, but when that's not happening, clean is still a pleasure. The cool air was coming in through the window and it made my nipples hard. Hard enough to play with and flick and tease to accompany the tune my fingers teased out from between my other set of lips...the ones I don't put lipstick on. (Well...there was that once...)

In my mind the body next to mine was slender and long limbed. His dark wavy hair was long enough to grab and pull his head back with while I fucked him from behind, spooning. He liked it hard. Just hard enough to scare him a little. To make him wonder if I would hurt him. I never had, but the thought that I could was a thrill for him. So my one hand held his hair and the other his hip. I used both to pull him to me and unearth those waves of pleasure so deep inside him. Stretched tight, he took me so deeply inside himself with each thrust of my hips. He came hard with his cock in his hand. We fell asleep with my toy still inside him and woke for more play later that night...




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