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Hello Dear Readers!

It's that time again - your monthly reminder that...

Men who enjoy pegging are not gay.

Yes, they enjoy the sensation of anal stimulation (a lot, actually), but this has no bearing on their sexual gender preference. All it means is that they enjoy having their ass stimulated!

If you are a woman whose man has just brought up pegging to - please take a deep breath and let go of the ridiculous 'only a gay man could possibly be interested in anal sex' misconception. First of all only about 38% of gay men even practice anal sex. And secondly anal sex feels really good to your man because of his prostate. He enjoys anal sex because it feels good! He is not trying to replace you with a man. He is not somehow disappointed in you or thinking that you are 'not enough' for him. He quite simply likes to have his ass played with because it is insanely pleasurable.

If you are a man who has just discovered the pleasures of your own ass - yay! Now let me reassure you. You will not be any more attracted to the opposite sex than you were before you found out about the pleasures of your ass. Enjoying pegging with your partner will not turn you gay or affect your masculinity. There is no gay fairy that appears and sprinkles magic gay dust on you as soon as you are pegged and presto - you are gay. Doesn't happen. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.

For anyone who has heard about a male friend enjoying the pleasures of pegging with his woman and made the comment, "He must be fucking gay!" Grow up. Do a little research and educate yourself because you sound so ignorant and clueless when you make that assumption.

Pegging is Not Gay

And for all you (probably younger) people who are more fluid in your sexuality, bisexual or don’t identify with labels and are reading this thinking …Duh, I salute you. Thanks for leading the way to less rigid and judgmental attitudes about sexuality.

This public service announcement will be repeated on a monthly basis in an effort to deconstruct the myth that men who enjoy pegging are somehow, inherently gay.


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