Podcast #6 Q&A

Pegging Paradise Q&A Podcast #6

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♥  For the listener last week who wanted to combine pegging with chastity? "TallLightHandsome" helped out with an amazing amount of information about the various motivations for using chastity devices - excellent contribution I felt I needed to share here on the podcast

♥ Rant about how men approach me on FetLife.com (and I suspect how men approach other women on kinky websites, too) and the resulting connection to Cunning Minx and her weekly Polyamory podcast - great stuff. Here is her slide show "How not to be a douche on FetLife" .

♥ A reader wonders if I "play" online, too? Nope.

♥ How to help loosen a tight ass for future pegging play? Butt plug suggestions followed by basic information about physiology and the question is stretching dangerous? Can it cause permanent damage?

♥ I wax even more poetic about double-ended dildos. Spent some time researching them over the weekend and I'm even more determined to add one to my collection. Talk about orgasms and connections!

♥ My Pegging classes are coming up this weekend, July 28th. The class is filling up so reserve your place ASAP if you are planning on going.


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  1. Mistress This program has information explosion on the subject matter and I wish it to take place in India to enlighten the girls to make them fearless.

  2. Hello, Ruby.

    Nice podcast! Since you discussed the double dildo option for pegging, I’ll add a few comments.

    My wife and I have been pegging for about a year. During that time we bought 3 doubles: Funfactory Share, Vixen Nexus Senior, and FeelDoe Slim. I’ve carved holes in both the Share and the Vixen for a bullet vibe, located in the center part, mainly for clitoral stim. The harness we use is a Spareparts Joque.

    The Share’s female end was too big for my wife and became uncomfortable quickly so I cut the “bean” off. We use it as a single dildo when she’s not in the mood for penetration while pegging.

    The FeelDoe gets occasional use as originally intended, sans harness with my wife on her back. With her legs together, she can hold it inside herself. I ride on top. Works fine for both of us, especially with the WeVibe Salsa bullet, which is very powerful. (The stock FeelDoe bullet is feeble.)

    Our most frequently used double is the Vixen, mainly because the female’s side is a very natural, smaller than average size penis replica. It feels comfy for her and the end that goes in me is the right size, curvature and shape.

    I’ll be interested to hear what double you obtain and how it works for you and your partner.



    1. Dave! You seem to be the toy man here at Pegging Paradise. Thanks for all the information! The WeVibe Salsa bullet was the gem in this for me – I was looking for a powerful bullet vibe. You are brave to carve a hole into your toys – perhaps inspiring more of us to give that a try.

      I will absolutely be reporting in when I get my double…

      1. Ruby;

        The WeVibe Salsa bullet jams into the FeelDoe hole very tightly and doesn’t shake its way out. The Salsa does stick out quite a way, but that hasn’t been a problem.



        1. Thanks much for the info, Dave. I just had a chance to play with the Salsa at the Toy store I was teaching at Saturday night and I see what you mean – it does stick out a bit but glad to hear it’s not a problem because the vibrations were pretty powerful!

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