Is This Gorgeous? Yes.

 On my wish list for Christmas! (Not the one the family

Spare Parts Sasha

 So pretty and feminine.

Spare Parts Sasha

Will work with a double or single...

Spare Parts Sasha

Pegging and Fashion...the intersection.

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  1. Its so nice to know there are people in the world who aren’t into either just vanilla sex or outright hardcore. You’re approachable, and obviously passionate and sexual in good ways. Sex both ways is always a good thing in my books…

    1. Thanks, SNF. There are so many ways that people choose to express their sexuality. I try not to judge anyone. Sometimes that is easier than other times.

      So when you say I am “passionate and sexual in good ways” that likely means our tastes are similar! As long as it is consensual and no one gets irreparably damaged – more power to whatever anyone wants to do.

  2. You’re welcome Ruby. Couldn’t agree more on being consensual and neither gets damaged in any way. I was afraid once at the hands of a friend. Thankfully she listened to feedback. If they take care of each other, especially when it comes to the behind, the love and trust should build further. Sex can build on the relationship.

    Getting the feeling we have similar interests as well 🙂 Being on the receiving end of ass play on my own, or with a couple of friends separately, its good in that it teaches you what ass play and anal sex feels like, to know how sensitive it is to damage back there, so you know how to the take time and patience in making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for her each time.

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