Podcast #21


Pegging Paradise Podcast #21

♥ Responses and feedback from my "playing hard to get" ranty podcast #20

♥ Politics revisited - self-censorship, why I do it, where you can find me uncensored, and a voting message

♥ Pegging Success story: It took 2 years for the final reveal. Part of this reads like an erotic story...

♥ Question: Experienced peggers – who have used both the double-enders and flare-based dildos – do you think doubles are a good choice for beginners?


Link for This American Life piece, "Red State, Blue State".

Pegging 101 - a "Tribe" for non-BDSM pegging enthusiasts (some great amateur pegging clips in the video thread...)

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4 Responses

  1. I wanted to quickly give you my thoughts on the subject of double-enders and I am hoping that I’ll be able to elaborate on this more in the near future since we have had some wonderful experiences using them.

    I don’t think introducing a double-ender in the beginning is a bad idea even if me and my girlfriend did not start to use one until a few months after we had started pegging.

    Again I believe any issues that might come up have to do with the female partner being uncomfortable with an object resting inside and sticking out of her like a penis. Whether or not she enjoys the feeling of being filled while filling her partner depends on every woman individually.

    The big upside of using a double-ender especially in the beginning is – in our opinion – to have the psychological effect of sharing something that is both inside the man and the woman at the same time and therefore creates a literal connection between the lovers.
    On the downside, maybe exactly that could prove to be intimidating for some.

    I suppose it depends on how much you and your partner want to explore not only the physical but also the emotional aspects of pegging.

    By the way, I agree with you on not incorporating too much ‘unsexy’ politics in our kinky discussions here because – and I don’t want to beat a dead horse on that whole transatlantic-political-discrepancy-thing (!) – I simply could not stop to ask question after question about the American view on healthcare.

    PS: But honestly, speaking on behalf of Europe, what the hell?

    1. Finally got to the bottom of my inbox and remembered to respond to this…speaking on behalf of the vast majority of Americans – the level of our frustration with the ineffectiveness and stupidity of our healthcare system is about equal to Europe’s ‘what the hell?’ attitude toward our stupid and ineffective healthcare system. In other words – we are asking what the hell, too!

  2. In reply to “fet life for bdsm” and “tribe for conservative” and “reddit” and “this website” … I have to admire your multiple digital personalities 🙂 I have a hard enough time keeping two personalities in check, let alone 4 🙂

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