Podcast #22


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Pegging Paradise Podcast #22

❤ The election is over!! Political Wins in LGBT, Women and WTF California?

❤ David Petraeus resigns over extramarital affair. We've lost a great leader because our country is sex-negative.

❤ Details about Double-ended dildos: size, texture, vibes, bulb, firmness, angle

❤ Why the emphasis on mutual pleasure? Let’s unpack that.

❤ Would beginners do better with a double-ended dildo or a flare-based single?

❤ Readers/listeners/internet friends respond to that question

❤ Confusion ensues!

❤ Considering different points of view

❤ A request for NaNoWriMo support…a little behind?

Dr. Marty Klein's "General Petraeus Resigns, Casualty of War on Sex"

First photo of chair with no arms position

Second photo of chair with no arms position

Article about doubles with measurements


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