Podcast #33


Pegging Paradise Podcast #33

Pegging Classes scheduled at Kama Sutra Closet Saturday February 16th!

❤ Love letters from my last podcast - awwww, thanks everyone.

❤ Why don't (most) Pro Dommes do pegging?

❤ Pegging Celebration!

❤ Their dildos are self-destructing - help!

❤ Could he be squirting? Or peeing?

❤ Two highly recommended podcast episodes from some kinky friends



Pegging Classes

Delilah Wood - "The One Time I Did"

Eden Fantasys' "Realskin" safety info

Eden Fantasys' Material Safety index

Sex Toys Making You Sick?

Podcast #31

Podcast #14

Skin-Like Dildos

Eden Fantasys' Sale

Is He Squirting?

Polyamory Weekly #348

Life on the Swingset #103

How to be More Secure - Franklin Veaux


Happy Pegging Everyone!

♥ Ruby Ryder♥

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