BIL Conf March 2nd 4PM!

I will be speaking at the BIL Conference in Long Beach California Saturday March 2nd at 4PM on the Main Stage!!

A New Frontier in Intimacy - Strap-on Sex

What happens when a man and a woman set aside taboo and trade sexual roles? "Pegging", or heterosexual strap-on sex, allows couples to discover what sex is like from the other side of the gender equation. Amazing things result. Men learn about receiving, becoming vulnerable, and how important foreplay is. Women learn about balance, grace, endurance and multi-tasking, as well as the thrill of being the one to run the show. These experiences encourage more understanding and more compassion in the relationship. The end result? A markedly deeper intimacy. Did I mention lots of pleasure, too? Lots! I will take apart the myths, misconceptions, fears and concerns. I'll explain the similar orgasmic potential between the Female G-spot and the Male Prostate. And I will talk about the rich erotic possibilities...of pegging.


If you are interested in attending (there are tons of people giving talks about other things almost as amazing as pegging...) it's remarkably inexpensive - $45 for the whole weekend!


Use the coupon code: ryderBILfriends  for 20% off!!


All you LA people...I could use some ringers in the crowd - would love to have people who will laugh at my jokes and not be shocked that I am actually talking about pegging!

If you attend, please come and meet me after the presentation - free hugs to all who ask!


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