Podcast #37


Pegging Paradise Podcast #37

❤ His ass is open and his mouth is shut!

❤ He wonders how to pick a woman who is likely to be interested in pegging? Switch vs dominant vs submissive conversation ensues.

❤ Where are the guys in heels? This listener wonders...(I love that he wrote in and asked this question)

❤ He wonders - isn't getting pegged by a dominatrix illegal? I do my best to answer that question.

❤ Pegging Celebration Time!

❤ He brought up pegging, waited 3 years and brought it up again on Valentine's day. Listen to his sweet story!

❤ A couple write in who have been pegging since way before I even thought about telling people the thought of it turned me on. I'll be connecting with them for more stories...

❤ BIL conference 2013 Ruby will be on the Main Stage on Saturday March 2nd at 4pm!! Thanks for your votes. Link to registration and discount code below – come see me there! And come to the party Saturday night!

❤ Aneros sponsored my trip to Long Beach...for a reason. Talk about alliances and advertising and integrity and caring about customers ensues.



Silverdrops Toybox - Husband talking about getting fucked by her:


Pro Dominatrix Story - "Miss Lauren"


BIL Registration:


BIL Discount Code: ryderBILfriends for 20% off

Saturday Night Party!




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