…..I’m Back!



After 5 painful days during which I was disconnected from the main umbilical cord (with the exception of my smart phone), I am happy to inform you that I am once again connected to the life-giving internets that serve to unite us all. Woo Hoo!

Tonight I am off to enjoy some well-deserved playtime with the man who kisses so very well. Yeah Baby!

I promise I will catch up with you soon and hopefully whip up a podcast for you late tomorrow night. I know y'all are jonesing for one....

Thanks for your patience, everyone.


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    1. Working on it – my bed is up, my computer is connected, my washer and dryer have been installed and the roses are blooming like crazy outside – life is looking pretty good right about now.

  1. Happy to have you back!

    Can’t wait to see you returning to your usual kinky blogging schedule … and hopefully to some serious assfucking in the future, too!

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