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The List I kept of my fantasies when I got behind in my writing!

Day 31 Orgasm 35!

Well, yes, I'm ending this with Mr. Great Kisser. When a sexual connection is new it's so easy to for me to include my partner in my fantasies. With Mr. GK there's an added element of fun and excitement because our kinks are so well aligned. Giving me the gift of playing with his body requires so much trust. And he offers that willingly. Even though he never knows what I'm going to do to him. That freedom is thrilling.

I haven't decided what I'll be doing to Mr. GK when I see him next week...maybe I'll try the fantasy from Day 13, since that's not quite how things went the last time we got together. You can have the best laid plans all ready to go but there is always the human element. You would think that every night with me would be an ass night but that's not so. As I say in all my classes - asses have personalities and sometimes it is just not an ass night. And you have to respect that. I absolutely do.

We found plenty of other delicious pleasures to partake of. And that's what I was thinking about that got me off the last night of May; planning for next week, selecting those pleasures and envisioning them. This time, though, uncharacteristically, I'm gonna hold those visions close and private. I know. It happens.

At the end of Masturbation Month 2013, though, I will share a couple of personal realizations with you...remember on Day 16 when I waxed poetic about being with a masculine man? I figured out why that turns my crank so nicely. Most men are stronger than I am. So technically a man could decide to turn the tables on me and take control just about whenever he wanted to. Of course that is not who I invite into my bed, but still...he could. I came across the phrase "naturally dominant and willingly submissive" recently and it resonated....yes, just yes. Then I got it. With a masculine man the possibility of him turning the tables is front and center because of his strength and way of walking around in the world; masculine and assertive. So his willingness to do as I say is even hotter. In fact it's really a thrill when a man like that who is new at exploring submission begins to do something he's done probably hundreds of times like throwing me around the bed a little and then catches himself and asks permission. Hot!

Right on the heels of that realization I thought - okay, so I should put that characteristic on my list for what kind of guy I am looking for. But there was barely a pause before the next thought came along...no, because what you want you will not find in just one man. You can find whatever you need with different men. Interesting. My calm acceptance that I am interested in a relationship that is anywhere from monogomish to openly polyamorous kind of blew me away. But there it was. And still is. So I could indeed end up with a man who is even a little fem and still have that masculine thrill with another partner. I'm liking the way that sounds. No wonder I listen to Polyamory Weekly.

And for those of you who are wondering...well, hey there, what about Mr. Great Kisser? He's an amazing guy, no doubt about it...who was born about 3 decades after me. Our lives are overlapping delightfully for however long it feels right, before we follow our own paths. And he kinda likes it when I write about him...


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  1. Interesting post to conclude Masturbation Month 2013! I mean, let’s be honest here, if someone had a growing fanbase of pegging aficionados at their disposal and was free to play with more than just one partner at a time, wouldn’t anything but polyamory be an unnecessary waste of willing ass on that person’s part?

    I really enjoyed both Masturbation Month and your blog posts about it and will surely be along for the ride next year. My favourite posts were #11 (the one that starts in the shower) and #14 (the one with the pony boys). Super hot stuff you got going in that kinky mind of yours!

    I also thought your ideas on fantasies that will stay fantasies were quite interesting. That topic is certainly worthy of further exploration!

    1. *Smile*. My mind is indeed really kinky. Thanks for telling my your favs. If I had to choose just one it would probably be 27 but 11 is a close runner-up 😉

      I totally agree about the fantasies that will stay fantasies subject – I think many of us have way too much shame around all that. And shame doesn’t do anyone any good. 🙁 I will put it on my list of upcoming topics.

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