Day 12 Orgasm 14


I do love the young men. Their eagerness to experience new things, to submerse themselves in an erotic adventure (that would be me). I love their willingness to please and their gratitude that they have found someone to play with who not only accepts their desires but shares them and can fulfill them (that would be me, too).

The dance is delicious.

We talk about our favorite fantasies and pull them side by side in our heads to see if it feels like a match. Interested in impact play. Nice. Thinks about being tied up. Big smile. Pegged just a few times and definitely wants more. Bigger smile.

My preference for submissive-leaning and insistence on pegging-friendly sometimes starts the role reversal from the very beginning. He's a little shy, unsure of himself and not at all used to talking so openly about all the things that had until very recently only been inside his head. But I can feel his wanting-ness. I can hear the excitement in his voice that strains against his self-imposed reins.

I have the urge to just...have him, to take him beneath me and enjoy his body as mine. A tightness. A most sweet tightness built of desire and anticipation. But I will not rush him. This erotic adventure is built of trust. His trust, that as equally as I will thrill him, so shall I take exquisite care of his other parts, inside and out.

I feel like a guy again. And I love it.

I got off thinking about this young man, a potential play partner...and all the exquisitely nasty things I want to do to him...and with him.

I love my life.



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  1. “I feel like a guy again. And I love it.”

    totally understand that. With me, it is giving up control. letting her fuck me the way she wants to fuck me. As my wife says, just close everything out and let it happen. That’s an awesome transformation. In mind and body.

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