Day 13 Orgasm 15

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I needed a little levity - so I posted this photo. Look at her smile! I believe this dildo is from babes-n-horny, a UK store with a brilliantly colorful offering of excellent quality dildos.

A little too much work and not enough play for Ruby, with all the writing, my upcoming trip to DomCon in Los Angeles (my first time!) where I'll be teaching a couple of Pegging classes and other projects. So bring out the rainbows in a delightfully unusual fashion. is so much fun!

Last night I was beat. I actually crawled into bed and was cherishing the thought of fading right off to sleep and then I remembered.

Fuck. I 'have' to masturbate. (First world problems.)

The whole intent behind masturbation month is to see how it feels to get myself off every single day for the entire month.

So out comes the trusted Magic Wand - quickest way to an orgasm that I know of in my world.

I wasn't thinking about much of anything except for the sensation of that vibrator and getting to my goal.

Okay, perhaps a few thoughts snuck in there about the man I am supposed to meet in a couple of days down in LA for some fun. And what I plan to do with him. And how long it's been since I had company in my bed. Yeah, I think there were a few thoughts of him in there somewhere. But they were fleeting. My orgasm came fast and I slept hard.


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