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Found a few things in my Google Analytics in the words people use to find my website. So I'm just going to throw them up there and answer the questions and/or tell you my opinion about the subjects.

is pegging ok

Anything done between 2 consenting adults that does not cause harm to either person is of course completely okay.

And next, speaking of harm, two variations on a theme...

can you ruin your anal muscle with dildos?

can you ruin your butthole by taking a dildo to it

Can you? Sure. It would require a ridiculously large dildo, no lube, no warm-up and enough force to tear the 'butthole' sphincter muscles. To make sure this does not happen, remember these 4 rules:

  1. Not too big
  2. Not too fast
  3. Plenty of lube
  4. Body-safe toys only (nothing sharp- duh!)

Read/Listen to more about the subject of possible fecal incontinence here.

girl likes to peg guy but refuses to do anal

Yep. That happens sometimes. That's how I am, but it's not a 'refuses' kind of thing, just very rare. We all like what we like, and don't like what we don't. Kind of like how I like to take a flogger and a crop to a sweet young man's ass, but refuse to allow him to do the same to me.

do girls love pegging ass

Well clearly some of us do, yes. Certainly not as many as all you men who really want to get pegged would like, but I am working on that. Here's what I love about it.

does a woman and man both orgasm during pegging

can a man orgasm by pegging

Ignoring the grammatical fails - yes, yes and yes. Men can orgasm, women can orgasm. Are orgasms guaranteed? No. But the pursuit of them can be delicious. It's the journey, not the destination.

pegging meet ups

So...a little humor here. I actually read this as "pegging meet UPS". You know, like United Parcel Service. And them my mind spun off into a sweet fantasy of fucking a UPS guy...getting that brown uniform off his ass and bending him over inside his truck. I'm twisted that way. You're welcome.

pegging and christianity

Hello to all the pegging christians out there!

I wrote about this subject.


Wait, Three times!

Consider me enlightened. Yes, there are pegging christians in this world and on this website, and I am happy you are here!!

This concludes your Google Analytics search term blog post.

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