Latex, Anyone?

Here's just one of the beautiful photos from the latest photo shoot by our friends over at

If you love pegging and you love really need to click right here and take a look!

Makes me want to go shopping - for latex, of course (I have the strap-on....)


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  1. My fascination with women in latex is the thing that led me to my curiosity about anal stimulation and pegging in the first place. Such a sensual and flattering material…mmmmm… Happy shopping, and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

      1. The internet is a wonderful place for exploring fascinating things, and I’ve always had a thing for women in tight, opera-length gloves. That led me to find plenty of pictures and videos of women in latex…that glorious, shiny, slippery material. While looking through latex-oriented torrents one night, I came upon one featuring a woman in latex with a strap-on. I was intrigued and extremely nervous, but I took a view…and I was incredibly aroused when she entered the guy. Plenty of excited yet confusing feelings followed, as I did not know of the pleasures contained within. That common stigma about male ass play being “gay” also came up. Having two best friends who happen to be gay helped to destroy that, as well as your “Reassurance to Ass Men” statement. Anyway, it was inevitable that looking into porn that contained women in latex would lead to things like BDSM and female domination, including pegging. Some life-changing events led me to embrace my interests without fear and insecurity, and, well, here I am.

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