Day 18, Orgasm 11


"It's pink," she said, matter-of-factly.

"Seriously?" He sounded disbelieving.

""Seriously!" She laughed. Too bad if he didn't like it, he'd refused to shop with her for the equipment. Such a push-pull with this man. He wanted to get fucked but didn't want to actually admit that he wanted to get fucked, say it out loud, get eager about it.

She knew he wanted it, though. That night when his tongue had been loosened by tequila she'd discovered his secret. He denied wanting it when she asked the next morning, then sent her an email with links to equipment. He wouldn't get online with her and make the purchase, but he put money in her account to cover the cost.

Tomorrow was the night. She'd explained that to him several times. He couldn't even respond to her when she talked to him about it. His cheeks just turned red and he wouldn't meet her eyes.

So, fine. She'd put a gag in his mouth and have her way with his ass, preparing him for the new toy. That way he wouldn't have to be embarrassed that he couldn't speak, he could blame it all on the gag.

And then slowly, inch by inch, she'd sink that bright pink cock in his ass. Just like he said he wanted that night he'd done 6 shots of Patron. And then she'd see if he'd talk.



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