Podcast #148

Chastity Cage
Chastity Cage

Pegging Paradise Podcast #148

❤ Election reflections - no more wallowing
❤ Patreon thank yous
❤ Kinkly.com honors Pegging Paradise!
❤ He's having butt play difficulties - help!
❤ He's happy, having fun and just wanted to share...
❤ Pegging virgin can only find dominatrices. Help!
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ They tried once, did everything wrong and tried again 7 years later!
❤ Chastity Cage adventures with Scott and Missy!
❤ He has erection difficulties after starting pegging - related?
❤ He wants to fuck her and be fucked from her at the same time. Possible?
❤ He wants to know the best dildo and position for prostate stimulation


Fuze Velvet - very small dildo
Spare Parts Joque harness
Fuze Wilde Dildo
We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibe
Fuze Tango Double Dildo
Tantus Curve Dildo
Tantus Sport
Tantus Sport Long
Liberator Arche Sex Pillow

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4 Responses

  1. To the listener who wrote in about anal pain and a possible anal fissure;

    I’ve suffered from similar pains and bleeding myself, not for quite as long but definitely for at least a year. For me it was a fissure and was extremely painful. I did happen to find a hemorrhoid ointment that was an absolute godsend.

    It’s a natural Chinese ointment called Mayinglong Musk and available on Amazon


    You’ll see the reviews are extremely positive and I can confirm that for me it completely solved my issues. I’m able to take very large toys now too! (provided I’ve worked my way up with smaller ones).

    I’d recommend this for anyone with suffering from hemorrhoids or fissures and its also great for soothing any post pegging discomfort.

  2. To the man who is having the pain:

    Not a doctor, but while some of the issue may be with lubes/toys, but there is likely more than that because you are having pain when using the toilet. That said I wouldn’t jump on your doctor right now for not being more aggressive in treatment. I have had the opportunity (??) to gain an experience of several good doctors over the past couple of years (for various things) and they start with the mild interventions, such as using the Mirilax in your case to keep things soft so it can heal. If you’re still having problems after a while then they’ll try the next level up in treatment. I obviously wasn’t there, but if your doctor was anti-anal play you would probably have heard about all the awful things you were doing to yourself by using your anus for sexual pleasure and how you should stop right away. Conversations with doctors around sex are awkward, so if you’re otherwise happy with your doctor don’t read too much into it. I have yet to find a study showing anal play to be safe, and most doctors don’t spend too much time studying sexuality beyond keeping the plumbing in order, so don’t expect enthusiasm.

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