Podcast #153


Pegging Paradise Podcast #153

❤ Ruby Personal Update
❤ A Little Bit 'O Politics
❤ He wants a vaginal plug or dildo for her to wear while pegging
❤ How to spend that $100 Christmas gift? So many choices!
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ Bullet vibe for a vac-u-lock harness?
❤ Which podcasts do you recommend for beginners?
❤ Will pegging/prostate play help my wife get pregnant?
❤ Boyfriend supports bathroom bill HB2 - and loves trans porn. Help!
❤ She's concerned it will change their relationship dynamics
❤ Her Story
❤ His Story

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Podcast #130 - HB2
Brene Brown - Vulnerability
Brene Brown - Shame

Aslan Double Up Cuff

Lelo Tiani
We-Vibe Sync
Fun Factory Bouncer
Tantus O-Ring Set
Tantus Sport Long
Blewit Male Masturbator

3 Responses

  1. Hi Ruby,

    About 15-20 minutes into this podcast when you were discussing the man who had $100 to spend, you mentioned a device that was way better than a Flesh Light. I could not understand what this device was. Could you please tell me the name and a link if possible.

    The Flesh Light always looked a bit lame so maybe this would have more appeal.

    Best regards,

    1. How remiss of me to mumble AND not put a link in the Linkorama!
      Blewit is the device. Created by a guy who worked for Fleshlight for a while and then was CEO of Aneros for many years – CT Schenk.
      Here’s the link.

      Definitely more appeal in terms of lacking the lurid, classless quality. Also made better!

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