Day 24 Orgasm 28

The touch was what made him fall in love with her at first. As a single heterosexual male, he was touch starved. He tried to get massage as often as his budget could afford it to balance things out, but it only helped marginally.

When they met for the first time at that Mexican restaurant, she offered a hug in greeting and reached out to touch him several times during their conversation. Each touch felt electric, and at the same time like cold clear water running over his parched skin.

So he asked her out again, and soon they begin dating. She was indeed a touchy person, he loved that about her. The sex was easy and comfortable and fun. He began to feel whole again, like he was finally getting enough touch...finally. This woman was so good at touch. She spoiled him.

She began to show him all the places on his body that felt good being touched. Places he would never have thought of! The backs of his knees, his neck, the insides of his elbows. Sometimes he thought there must be something magic about her, about her touch. Because he'd been touched in all those places by massage therapists, and it never felt that good. She would touch him like that after they had sex, when they were laying there satisfied and happy. She would just start running her hands all over his body with a lingering, light touch.

He'd fallen asleep that way before and regretted it. Her touch was worth staying awake for.

They'd been dating 6 months when she showed him other places inside him that felt good to be touched, too.

One night he was laying face down and she was caressing his ass cheeks.  Her fingers started to slide between his cheeks. He was tired and happy from the sex, so his automatic 'don't touch my ass' defenses were down. Her fingers went to his taint and gently rubbed it. His cock immediately got hard again, which surprised him. He wasn't often a repeater.

He told her how good it felt, and soon her fingers were circling his asshole. That was a stretch for him, but it felt so fucking good! It seemed like she could tell it made him a little uncomfortable, so she flipped him over and rode his hard cock until he came deep inside her.

The next time she played with his asshole, he was a bit more relaxed, and loved every second of it. He got hard again, too, which surprised him. It was as if she'd discovered his magic button, the one that got him hard for a second round, and she meant to use it to her advantage. She'd told him many times how awesome his cock felt inside her.

He began wanting her to push her finger inside him after a while, but she never did. He was embarrassed to ask for it. He didn't count, but guessed it was about 10 times she'd played with his asshole before he set aside his embarrassment and finally asked her to put her finger inside him.

That led to an inner awakening for him that completely blew his mind. Turns out she was an expert at prostate massage, and had played him just as expertly to make him want it. She teased him intentionally until he asked for it, he found out later.

More intense orgasms, multiple orgasms, intense vulnerability and letting go of control were now a regular part of his sex life. He was beginning to feel like a bit of an ass slut with her. He couldn't get enough of her prostate massage! Her fingers, toys and vibrators; they'd tried it all and he loved every part of it. Rarely did they have sex when she didn't put something up his ass at some point.

So when she arrived at his apartment one night with a strap-on, he didn't even hesitate. He'd secretly been watching pegging porn for months.

The moment when she lay her naked body down on top of his, her breasts against his back, feeling that toy slide deep into his ass, inch by inch, he suspected his life would never be the same.

"Your ass is mine."

Moments later, when she said those words in a low throaty voice, her breath soft and warm in his ear, he was certain of it.

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