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❤ Special podcast submission deadline reminder
❤ He wants to convince his long distance LTR to try pegging, help?
❤ He would like to introduce his GF to the idea of pegging, help?
❤ He's Dom, she's sub, and they are happily pegging away!
❤ 5 Reasons to Do Prostate Massage according to Hornet
❤ Hot Pegging Video I found...heh heh
❤ Rimming and relationship questions
❤ He can't find the right spot...

Articles and Information
Entice Me Year End Sale (coupon code VibeHigher)
Tantus Hoss Review
Special Podcast deadlines
Podcast #112
Approaching Her About Pegging
Columbia Univ Prostate Massage study - Aneros - PDF download
Hot Pegging Video with Large Toy!
The Risks of Rimming - Dr Pega Ren
Kinsey Confidential - How Safe is Rimming?
Newbie Solo Ass Play
Podcast #178 - Prostate Discovery Story!

Pictures of Ruby with a Strap-on
Ruby with strap-on 1
Ruby with strap-on 2
Ruby with strap-on 3
Ruby with strap-on 4
Ruby with Strap-on 5
Ruby with strap-on 6

Aneros Helix Syn
Njoy Purewand
Vibrating Prostate toy - the Vice
Dental Dam Protection for Rimming
Square Peg Toys - Big Kevin

4 Responses

  1. He can’t find the right spot…

    Another approach to finding, and more important waking up your prostate to achieve a prostate orgasm is the passive approach.

    I tried probing and using a Aneros Helix and the Progasm thinking I needed a bigger toy.

    My answer was the Aneros Helix with a passive approach. By that I mean I lubed the Helix and my ass inserted the toy and then just took a nap on my side with a pillow between my legs and one leg slightly higher (more towards the head) than the other.

    I fell asleep with the toy in my ass and since the Aneros toys are so well designed , during my nap the Helix found my prostate and gentle woke my prostate up. Waking is the first step to a prostate orgasm, without waking it up, you will not have any success.

    The Helix woke up my prostate and I was awoken by a trembling in my lower mid-section. At the time I didn’t know what was happening. I later determined it was mini-“O’s” which quickly turned into a Super “O” and my whole body was trembling in a super prostate orgasm. It lasted for five continues minutes and then I paused for a few seconds, clinched the toy and rolled into another Super O., after Super O. . .

    After that experience, Any toy could hit my prostate and give me a prostate orgasm. I realized I could not spend all day in bed enjoying these orgasms so I took the experience out in public. I did this with the use of a Cocksox thong which allowed the tabs on my Helix Syn to stay in place and keep the toy in my lubed ass. The bonus is I can be at a cocktail party talking with some wife’s and next thing I know I experiencing mini-O’s. And so on and so on…

    1. Yes! Thanks for the reminder that the waking up process can be more subtle and gradual. From hanging around the Aneros forums I have heard about the ‘put it in and fall asleep experience, with the resulting wake up experiencing new sensations! I’l read this on my next podcast. Thanks again.

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