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❤ Lucky Pierre!!
❤ He bought a cheaper butt plug - is it safe?
❤ A size king upgrades and has  a few questions...
❤ He shares a bit about crossdressing and pegging
❤ The engineer has a story about Janet's closet
❤ He's making up for lost time
❤ Aarushi writes about overcoming parental reinforced shame
❤ My thoughts about Shame


Articles and Information
Dirty Talk with Tina Horn - short video
Sexting  - Tina Horn - Book
Livestrong article - side effects of Poppers
Popular Science article effects of Poppers
Toxic Toys Article
Podcast #169 - Vagus nerve stimulation
Janet's Closet
Brené Brown - Vulnerability
Brene Brown - Listening to Shame
Podcast #110 - Mark the Marine Part 1
Podcast #110 - Mark the Marine Part 2
Awesome Ass men

Crystal Delights Butt Plug
Tantus Hoss dildo



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  1. Great episode! I found your discussion of shame very thought provoking. I do not share my kinks with the vanilla world but am upfront about my interests with, shall we say, fellow travelers. So I would say I have zero shame about liking to be pegged but one of the turn ons about pegging is that it is dirty. How does being dirty relate to shame? It must be connected. Your thoughts?


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