Glitter Dick

The sheer pluckiness of a glitter dick cannot be underestimated. Neither can the self-confidence boost of wearing a dangling, sparkling willy that begs to be waved about with attitude. I’m a huge fan of glitter dicks. I’m quite a fan of dicks in general, but a dick with glitter is a dick with sass. Not the annoying, bratty kind of sass. Instead, a glitter dick has a showboat kind of sass that you can’t stop staring at.

What is it about a twinkling tool that sends me?

I love fucking your fine ass just about any way you can imagine. The different ways I fuck you offer up different treats. Sometimes I get to be close to you, and wrap my body around yours as I fuck you tenderly, or mercilessly. Other times I delight in a thrilling view of your ass taking whatever I decide to give it. And when it’s a glitter dick? That view becomes a Ru Paul pegging scene, with all the exaggerated bling in just the right place. I mean, it’s like a jewel-studded butt plug times ten.

I gaze at it, sliding in and out of you as I move my hips slow, teasing. The candlelight glints off the glitter when I pull it out, offering little glimmers before I sink it back inside you.  Your ass is a thing of beauty anyway, but paired with my glitter dick, I’m filled with an impulse to film the action. Close up and personal like a porn shot, with shadows punctuated by sparkles when the angle is just right to catch the candlelight beside the bed.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I found a glitter dick today. One that perfectly expresses my personality, one I can’t wait to wave about with flourish and panache. One that I cannot wait to slide into your ass. One that will surely sparkle from the candles next to the bed.

©Ruby Ryder

4 Responses

  1. I totally love your enthusiasm for your purple Glitter Dick. Anything that adds to a women’s delight in a pegging experience is wonderful.

    The purple color adds to the experience and I would love for a women to wave it in my face prior to penetration. After all a women needs more than basic black in her dildo collection.

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