Podcast #226


Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #226

❤ Patron/Donation update
❤ 'Movember' donation update - suicide prevention
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ His long journey comes to fruition, and the pegging is good!
❤ He's looking for a good double-compatible harness
❤ Ruby receives a marriage proposal
❤ He says be careful of fake Amazon reviews
❤ He wants his neighbor to fuck him and wonders how to ask her
❤ He is getting judged by girls and can't find one to peg him - help?
❤ He wants pegging but it's just not happening yet - help?


Movember Donations
Podcast #112

Aslan Leather Minx
Aslan Leather Jaguar
Spare Parts Sasha
Spare Parts Bella
Spare Parts Tomboi
Spare Parts Joque

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