International Women’s Day is Here!

Ruby Ryder shares woman with a strap-on pegging man on hands and knees.

Happy International Women's Day!

Today, we continue our efforts towards equality, fair treatment, letting go of the stereotypes, battling the patriarchy, etc. Consequently, there is much work to be done, and this day provides us with a yearly reminder to reassess where we are, versus where we want to be. That is to say, International Women's Day reminds us that the status quo is still unacceptable.

A Different Type of Equality

Aside from the usual, perpetual women's battles, there is one area in which I am seeing more equality. Penetration Equality! Because I see more and more women who are willing, even eager, to flip the script, buy the equipment, strap it on, and explore penetrating their partner! I definitely celebrate all of you explorers of penetration equality on this day!

You penetration equality explorers are many and varied, too.

Some of you take the reins of 'running the fuck' quite happily. As a result you may choose to dominate your partners with enthusiasm and creativity, as you embrace an entirely new way of experiencing sexy times.

Some of you are simply thrilled to provide your partners with pleasure, so you relish the opportunity of offering them different experiences; receiving, vulnerability, multiple orgasms, and full body orgasms.

Moreover, there are other women out there, I guarantee you, who are similar to me. We lust after the male ass and need it, almost as a form of sustenance. So on a regular basis, we just need to consensually nail a lovely man's ass to the mattress. Yeah.(2020 was hard for those of us who do not have live-in partners.)

Kudos to the Intrepid Explorers

I offer all you sexy explorers Congratulations on this International Women's Day! I celebrate your willingness to let go of society's rules, misconceptions and taboos, and just explore. There are other who celebrate you, too. To clarify, there are virtual legions of men who are rejoicing in your decision to explore penetration equality! Above all, they really hope this particular expression of equality continues. Let's all keep this in mind for 2021!

A Nod to Ryan Reynolds

The one man I wish to thank on International Women's day is the amazing Ryan Reynolds. Why? Ryan brought pegging into the spotlight (2 very popular movies) in a sexy and amusing way. Additionally, above is confirmation that he himself has tried pegging. Just go to 9:25 and listen carefully to the question and his answer.

Ryan created a new and fun association with International Women's Day. Fighting for equal rights, equal pay is serious stuff. However, that fight can be frustrating, and not what most would call enjoyable.

In short, stepping away from the battle a bit can be wonderful. Because... strapping it on and fucking your partner in the ass on International Women's Day? So different! Pure pleasure! Thanks for lightening things up, Ryan.

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