Presenting Podcast #283

Ruby Ryder shares woman with purple hair pegging man laying face down on bed

Pegging Paradise Podcast #283

Presenting Podcast #283 for your listening pleasure!

  • He wants to be slut shamed; she needs suggestions
  • He masturbated with anal play in front of her, and has feels about it
  • Trying to get his wife on board with pegging
  • He's having trouble with penetration about 3-4 inches in
  • He's curious about a cleaning bottle and toy sharing
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • He shares his love of anal play and then #112 sends them on their way!



Movember is almost upon us, and I will be once again raising money for this organization. They educate men about maintaining healthy prostates, and are making great strides in the area of men's mental health; getting out of the man box. As so many of you know if you have been listening to my podcast for a while, the man box is not only responsible for a lot of toxic masculinity, it figures in quite heavily when men approach pegging. this is why I talk about it so much! A couple of years ago I raised $1000 for Movember (and made the last $200 by posting pictures of my tits!). My goal is to equal that this year. Who knows...maybe the girls will make another showing!

Presenting Podcast #283 for your listening pleasure!

Presenting Podcast #283

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