Podcast #286 Completes 2021!

Ruby Ryder shares brunette in black leather outfit with boots wearing large black strap-on

Podcast #286 completes 2021 with style! Enjoy the pegging celebration stories, and everything else this episode has to offer. Happy New Year!

  • Movember ends with Bodacious Tatas!
  • New Article - Stigma of Big Toys
  • Comment on ED issues from #279
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • Beatrice & Dante do the deed a month after interviewing me!
  • He wonders whether to explore pegging...
  • She asked him about butt stuff! He is thrilled.
  • A small toy left him sore - advice?
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • They rediscovered pegging - with excellent results!
  • His partner is concerned about combining chastity and pegging
  • He has questions about harnesses for her enjoyment
  • Face down, ass up!



6 Responses

  1. Ruby, I listened to the part about the harness that didn’t fit but she liked the look of and the harness that seemed to fit but was leather and too severe for her. My first idea there was if you like the Commando why not “gussy it up” to be more feminine? You could get some satin fabric in colors you like and make sleeves to go over the straps and decorate them with fabric or satin bows or lace or whatever floats your boat. You could even get out the glue gun and just directly attach things to the harness, though that may require a bit more care to make sure they don’t come off and damage the harness. That way you’re leveraging your current investment, using a harness that you know fits, and adding a custom element that can directly suit you.

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