Get Down and Get Funky With Podcast #299

Pegging Paradise Podcast #299

  • She used to peg him but not anymore. Advice?
  • He wonders if pushing the cock and balls back behind the legs has a point?
  • He wants to find the right formula to increase her enthusiasm and pleasure
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • He has Equipment questions after their first 3 times
  • He comments on my article and tells a story
  • Seven words and a grammar lesson
  • Shout out and a question
  • Sub seeks prostate orgasm and wants more pleasure for his mistress
  • He's post-op prostate cancer, seeking advice about a strap-on for him
  • He's a virgin looking for a dominant partner, advice?
  • She said no, he made a Funky Rocker!



Podcast #299 touches on a variety of different topics until finally revisiting that question of a fucking machine, but this time it is not a machine, it's a rocker. We've talked about these before and since that time there's a new upgrade to the plans, if you are a DIY kind of receiver. There are also a couple of new toys for those receivers who don't have a partner yet crave that sensation of being pegged.

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