Freedom Beckoned, if Only For Two Full Seconds

Freedom beckoned, but the cage stayed on like chains

Masturbation Month 2024 #28 (Link to Part One)

Saturday morning dawned. Cynthia woke up early and went for a run. Last night's sexy shenanigans with Frank were still echoing in her head. She felt happy and inspired. When she got back to the house, there was a pot of coffee minus one cup, and a simple note.

"I love you. Your Slut Boy."

Cynthia grinned and poured herself a cup of coffee. Frank was off to the gym earlier than usual. Perhaps he felt inspired as well. She was glad to have him out of the way because she had a few details to take care of before tonight. There was a package on the kitchen table, and she hoped it was one of the details, arriving just in time. Opening the box confirmed this. Another apron! No clue from the packaging what it was, thankfully, since Frank had brought it in.

"Oh! This is beautiful!" She held up the new apron and exclaimed with delight. She ran back to the bedroom and pulled out her petticoat that would complete the look. Then she hung Frank's fancy apron and the petticoat in the hall closet. Tonight, she was looking forward to taking Frank's ass in the kitchen again, bent over the counter. With these things he would be all dressed up for her.

Cynthia left for the grocery to get food for dinner before Frank got back from the gym. Tonight was going to be a salad, delicious but not too heavy. When she arrived home, Frank was doing yard work in the front of the house. She waved, admiring his sweaty, shirtless body for a moment, and then took the food into the house.

Jumping onto her computer, she composed specific directions on how to make the salad. Frank, though he didn't know it yet, was going to make dinner and clean up tonight. And then he'd get his reward. Well, two rewards. The apron and the penetration of his sweet, slightly sore ass.

Strawberry Salad

  • Arugula
  • Strawberries
  • Queso Fresco cheese
  • toasted pine nuts
  • Poppyseed dressing

Wash the Arugula and then put it in the salad spinner to get the water off. Place in large bowl. Wash and slice strawberries on top. Crumble cheese over it all. Toast the nuts in the toaster oven on broil. Watch them closely because those suckers burn easily! Pour dressing over salad and sprinkle nuts on top. Serve.

But that was all for later. For now, Cynthia decided to join Frank outside and get that yard looking nice. That was one of their usual weekend tasks, and she enjoyed it.

Later that morning, the lawn was mowed and edged, flower beds looked nice, weeds pulled, and the tree trimmed! They'd done a lot. Frank was happy to not be sitting while they spruced up the yard. His butt cheeks still smarted. Lesson learned. That was the last time he took anything his cock said seriously.

That morning before he went to the gym, he Googled whether he could put aloe vera on his hole to soothe it, preventatively. He was going to get fucked two more times and wanted to be able to not just take it but enjoy it. The aloe would help, Google said. So, a dab between his cheeks and off to the gym he went. After sitting down on one of the machines, he altered his workout and did free weights. Basically, nothing where he had to sit. Only 3 strokes on each cheek last night but they had been very hard ones! Cynthia was strong, and delightfully sadistic. He saw the slight bruises in the mirror when he got up. He was proud of those, too. Cynthia fucking owned his ass, and he was quite happy about it, even if it was a little painful to sit occasionally.

They showered after the yard work and lazed around the house naked for most of the day, watching movies and relaxing. Frank was extra attentive, bringing Cynthia anything she needed and massaging her feet. It was just the mood he was in, after all their wild play. This had truly been one of the best ideas he'd ever had. His focus had definitely shifted since last night. He wanted to dote on Cynthia and simply keep her as happy as possible. Frank's cock was all but forgotten. But his ass tingled in reminder of all the attention it received for the last 5 days. He was happily hers.

After their movie finished, Cynthia reached for the remote and clicked the TV off.

"We have one more job to do before dinner tonight, Frank." She looked at him and smiled mischievously.

"We do? What's that? Your wish is my command, Cyn." Frank honestly didn't know what to expect. Was this something to do with the box that arrived this morning?

Cynthia took the key hanging around her neck (it was back!), the very key that could unlock his cock, and dangled it meaningfully.

"Wait, what...? This is only day six." Frank sounded confused, and a little concerned. Freedom beckoned!

"The cage comes off today......... for cleaning, Frank! And then it goes right back on."

Well, that was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, hearing those words. She paused for two full seconds, purposefully, he was sure, after the word 'today'. Bitch.

Cleaning day. Wow. He didn't see that coming.

Part 29 - It's Good to be Clean

Masturbation Month is celebrated every year in May. Let yourself sink into self-pleasuring and join the fun! 

4 Responses

  1. It really is interesting how wearing a chastity cage manages to change the way a man experiences his own arousal! I’d say it feels less immediate but in a pleasant way, as if depriving the body of the simple pleasures of penile stimulation forces it to find a more ‘refined’ means of creating joy for itself.

    There’s something deliciously masochistic about Frank exclusively giving pleasure to Cynthia but mostly receiving pain in exchange. It takes a strong bond between a dominant woman and a submissive man in order for them to truly explore this, but it can be incredibly rewarding for both of them, if they do it right!

    And that apron will look great on a man who goes to the gym regularly…!

    1. There’s something deliciously masochistic about Frank exclusively giving pleasure to Cynthia but mostly receiving pain in exchange.

      I see the balance differently. While there is some pain, including the pain of intense desire, Frank is mostly receiving pleasure. All of the pegging is pleasure, though not perhaps the orgasmic cock-centric pleasure he is used to.

      Regardless – taking any level of pain, and asking for it, does require a strong bond.

      1. Thanks for your reply! Ultimately I agree with you, of course, in that your are telling the story of a supremely pleasurable experience of Frank’s.

        I do wonder whether it might be helpful to think of what he gets out of this as ‘pain/pleasure’ or ‘pleasure through pain’ to make a distinction between him having to (gratefully) endure Cynthia’s rough taking of his ass and, for example, him massaging her feet which presumably creates an exclusively pleasurable experience for her.

        That being said, I do love their dynamic and am looking forward to finding out how their story develops!

        1. I suppose I push back on the description of pain where pegging is concerned because a rough taking of an ass can be not at all painful but definitely overwhelming and uncomfortable. I don’t want newbies, or anyone for that matter, to think that pain is an acceptable part of pegging. Leads to more injuries!

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